Double-Down on Your Kid’s Tech Talent—Even Stone Age Parents Can Do It!

By Saee Abhyankar


Sometimes I feel like technology just flies past us at warp speed. As soon as I make that super tough decision to finally buy that newest smart phone lying in my shopping cart for weeks, it’s already become obsolete. It’s cliché but it is true! Technology is fast, and I am just never fast enough!

But the good thing is, our kids seem to have some idea of what is going on! I had to attach an image to an email for my business partner the other day, and I had no idea how to do that on my IPad. I was all thumbs trying to figure it out! My fourteen year old swooped in to the rescue. She not only managed to get the image, but she also edited it to look better.  Then she helped me find and insert a map of Houston and showed me how to open it on various different apps on my device.  All this in a few minutes, and she still had time to chide me about my abysmal Candy Crush score.

The point is, they are in vogue with things I’ve never even heard of. And even though I am not too keen on the hours spent playing mindless videogames or posing for pictures on Instagram, I do want to encourage my daughter to use her technology skills in a constructive way.

So how do I, a person clearly from the Stone Age, teach my child about the latest trends and help reinforce her budding tech skills?

I’ve found part of the solution in these amazing summer camps for kids. My daughter has been to a robotics camp, a basic programming camp and is planning to do more this summer. She enjoyed the graphics one the most, given the little artist that she is, but she’s learned so much from all of them; I’m afraid I might have a bit of a genius on my hands!

So if you’re a parent in Houston and want double-down on your kid’s amazing tech talent, check out these kids’ activities and don’t forget to write in the comments section with your own ideas!


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