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By Kristy Roser Nuttall


The Houston summer camp scene is brimming with fascinating opportunities and fabulous possibilities for kids of all ages.  Heck, I want to be a kid again just so I can go to one of these camps.  The camp options available this summer make what I did look like stale crusty bread compared to this mouthwatering smorgasbord of summer camp options that you and your kids can feast on this summer.   But as you decide what to nibble on and what to chomp into, make sure that you move past the comfort food options and be a little adventurous.  This might be the year to let your kid try something totally different that he or she might not have thought about before.  Explore the possibilities together, but make sure you dig deep and discover some intriguing options.  IQuriousKids.com has over 1,000 camp possibilities for you to taste test.  Here are some camp ideas that you may have overlooked, but are definitely worth checking out.



This camp for kids entering grades 1-6 was actually created by the National Inventors Hall of Fame and it gives kids a chance to try their hand at the intriguing world of inventing.  They will get to do activities like building original prototypes using basic tools, designing an eco-themed park, making simple machines, learning the physics behind zip-lining, trying out coding and producing electronic sound, constructing a solar-powered cricket, and other cool hands-on activities.  This is not a camp where kids will sit and listen to boring lectures—they will actually dive right into the fray of invention creation from brainstorming to designing, to really making things and seeing if they might be able to channel the brilliance of Thomas Edison and invent something that will change the world.  And this could all happen at summer camp.  This is way better than couch surfing.

Click here for – Inventing camp program after school


*This camp is available at 25 different locations in the Houston area



Most of us associate ice skating with winter and we might not think of lacing up our ice skates when July comes around, but with indoor skating rinks—there is no wrong season for ice skating!  In fact, what better way to escape the Houston heat, then letting your kids try out their skating skills on the ice in a relaxed atmosphere with other kids who are at their level.  Childhood is an ideal time to become comfortable with skating—when you are shorter, your center of gravity is closer to the ground!   The camps also engage kids by including activities like scavenger hunts, karaoke, on-ice games, and dancing.  Plus, some of the instructors are even former Olympic skaters.

Skating camp possibilities:

Learn to Skate

Group Skating

Ice Skating Summer Camps



While other kids are playing way too many video games and letting their brains turn to mush in front of the T.V., your kid could be molding candles and writing with a quill pen just like the signers of the Declaration of Independence.  That’s right—there’s a colonial history themed camp in Houston especially for incoming fifth graders.  Participants also get to wear 18th century clothes and play games like marbles, hop scotch, or blind-man’s bluff.  The camp directors have created a well thought out curriculum that engages the students in a learning atmosphere where they get to do the next best thing to jumping in a time machine and heading back to Colonial America.  They can spend a few days in a world where the past is recreated and engage with this environment in a spirit of creativity and discovery.  This makes my middle school history class seem way boring in comparison.

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Some kids adore animals, some kids can’t get enough of markers and paint brushes.  And some kids might not realize that you can combine these two passions at one summer camp this summer.  The Houston Audubon society has created a beautiful oasis in the woods with a learning center where they host several summer camps.  I think that their crazy mixed up animal art camp would be a winner for most kids. The age group for this camp is 5-10.  At this camp kids get to experience a blend of science and art as well as meet real live animals!  They learn about animal adaptations and cool animal facts.  The camp counselors let kids try out various art media with animal themed projects.  Kids come home with a greater appreciation of the outdoors, a healthy respect for animals, and an improved artistic hand.  This is way better than watching the Lion King for the 10th time.

Art Classes for kids in Houston


 If your child loves animals and is a budding veterinarian or wildlife biologist, why not let them have some hands on experience at a summer critter camp?  This camp is also a great way to get kids involved in community service–they get to help out orphaned animals at the Houston SPCA and learn important aspects of animal care and the ins and outs of what happens every day at an animal shelter. There are various camp options—one session focuses more on animal training, care, and behavior, another session focuses on helping sick animals and learning about the job of a veterinarian, and another focuses on animal rescue and how to care for animals and pets during an unexpected disaster.  Guest speakers and professionals who work in animal related fields will visit the camps and give the kids the chance to learn from experts and ask questions.  This would be a great if you’re looking for summer opportunities for high school students, middle schoolers, or elementary school age kids.

Animal Adoption camp in Houston


Well, now that I have your attention, I will concede that the camp I’m about to highlight is not technically sword fighting, its fencing. What could be cooler than fencing for your dashing young knights and ladies?  Fencing was one of the original 9 sports included in the Olympic Games held in Athens in 1896.  It is a sport that develops agility, timing, balance, coordination, and strength.  It’s actually a very aerobically challenging sport because you must repeatedly lunge to score against your opponent.  The sport of fencing has three basic levels that match up with the three different weapons used with each one—epee, foil, and saber.  And not to worry—all participants wear protective gear that protects their body and head.  It’s a relaxed and comfortable setting that is accepting of children in a wide age range and ability level.  When your kids go back to school and the teacher asks what they learned over the summer, how cool would it be to casually mention that they worked on their fencing footwork while engaging in friendly duels? 


So there you have it, a few possibilities you might not have considered yet in the smorgasbord of summer camps in Houston.  Summer camps for kids offer amazing summer activities for kids and we’re just barely scratching the surface here.  Look for more upcoming posts about summer camps programs in Houston!  Let us know in the comments if you uncover any more amazing camps, and we will add them to our list!

Checkout – iquriouskids for most comprehensive listing of over 900 summer camp and after-school activities for kids in Houston and Katy area.

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