5 Reasons Your Kid Needs to Play Chess


By Shilpa Bapna



Easy to learn, engaging to play and fun; chess is a super game. Although played on a black and white board it brings out colorful facets of a child’s personality. There are many benefits from learning and playing chess. It teaches independence, strategic thinking, innovation and a lot more. A classic board game, chess is also a lot of fun. There are many chess camps being held in Houston that allow participation and also engage your child the right way. Your child gets an opportunity to meet other kids, make friends and learn a lot too.


Not enrolled your child in a Chess camp yet? We give you 5 reasons to do so.


  • Increases creativity

Chess is an amazing way to stimulate creativity. Chess requires you to constantly come up with moves that your opponent cannot predict. You will be surprised at how your child constructs original combinations of moves and countermoves. He will try and develop possibilities that even you wouldn’t think of!

This whole process develops creative thinking. Being creative helps your child become a better problem solver in all areas of life. Instead of coming from a linear, logical approach, his creative side can approach a situation from all angles. It makes him an original thinker.

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  • Improves memory and concentration

The very nature of the game is such that one needs to remember moves made by the opponent, strategies used by him, past games and rules. This requires the participant to constantly focus and concentrate, resulting in improved concentration. As you concentrate, there is a tendency to memorize moves one by one. Slowly this results in memory expansion and enhancement. Thus playing chess  improves memory and concentration.


This also helps a lot in academics as these two qualities are important for academic progress. Children are able to better remember their lessons at school. Concentration is the first thing required to learn anything new. Memorizing also becomes easier with increased concentration resulting in better performance in all spheres of life. Increased memory depends on the health and vitality of the brain. Playing chess gives your child’s brain a workout and helps keep it healthy.

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  • Teaches critical thinking and problem solving and logic

Every move in chess has to be well thought out. The permutations and combinations have to be carefully chosen. All the possibilities of a particular move have to be explored and their results predicted. This is the cornerstone of critical thinking. Critical thinking is a very important element of problem solving. The logical connection of ideas and their relevance in making decisions can be taught early through chess.


Critical thinking, problem solving and logic are recognized as contributors to higher academic and professional achievement. Since a game of chess is loved by children and adults alike there is an opportunity of developing these skills over years.

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  • Promotes brain power.

Chess stimulates the growth of dendrites – bodies that send signals between the brain’s neurons and cells. This results in faster, more effective and clearer communication within the brain resulting in improved brain activity. Chess exercises both sides of the brain which is how itencourages both creative “out of the box” thinking and logical, linear thinking. The right and left hemispheres of the brain become active while playing the game. This adds to the child’s brain power. His response to any stimulus becomes faster and more accurate. Studies, published in the New England Joural, have also indicated that playing chess regularly helps prevent dementia. Chess is definitely a brain game!


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  • It’s a fun game!

A game of skill, strategy and intelligence, chess is a fun game too! It has a lot of social advantages. Kids meet other kids. They understand their thinking patterns. This gives them an all-around perspective of things. Chess camps are a great way to make friends and for kids to socialize. Let your kid teach you to play chess after camp is done so you have a better connection with each other.

Chess tournaments are challenging and very satisfying. Kids love to see a reward after all the strategic thinking and problem solving they did. Help them feel driven and motivated even if he or she was not the winner by telling them you are proud that they entered.  It’s a great way for kids to express their intelligence and see their decision skills earning rewards. Kids really enjoy themselves as a result of learning and playing chess.

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Tell us what you think about the brain building game of chess.  Or are there other board games your family loves to play? Post your stories in the comments below.

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