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By Shilpa Bapna


Thrill your kids with a great family destination that provides fun for everyone – 7 Acre Wood Fun Park. 7 Acre Wood is an old fashioned family fun park in Conroe that has a vibrant petting zoo, mini golf course, western play town, a huge playground and more. Whenever your family wants an outing coupled with fun, think no further, 7 Acre Wood is the place to be! The various entertainment and party options will keep your family engaged and happy throughout the day.

The Fun Park

Equipped with a ton of fun activities, the fun park at 7 Acre Wood is loved by all kids. It has entertainment options galore. Everyone from young kids to parents can come and enjoy this awesome place. Here’s a look at some interesting activities that the fun park has to offer.

  • Petting Zoo

Kids are hooked by the glorious petting zoo that has animals like donkeys, llamas, chickens, goats, ponies, cows, ducks and baby goats.

  • Pony Rides

The ponies at the fun park are adorable. One can take a fun ride on a gorgeous yet gentle pony named Shelby or Bullet. You can also book a party called the Pony Lovers party and everyone can ride.

  • Youth Activities

The fun park has a huge children’s playground dotted with slides and swings. There is a gigantic sandbox too. Young kids love spending time here and find it a great source of entertainment.

  • Western Play Town

If you are an adult you cannot miss visiting the western play town. History comes alive with this fully interactive, fun filled town. You find yourself playing live games and feel the thrill as you are a part of the adventure

  • Mini Golf Course

Imagine a cute little golf course where your entire family plays together. Super isn’t it? That’s exactly how you feel when your entire family comes together to enjoy mini golf. This family activity helps your family bond with some friendly competition.

The Fun Park is just what the name says – FUN! One can play at the western play town or go sailing in a boat. The rope slide activities, mini golf activities, horseshoe games and ladder golf are one to reckon with.



  • Not only is the 7 Acre Wood a super entertainment zone but it is also a great place to hold parties for your kids. Whether a simple birthday party, themed birthday party or a group get together, they are many options to choose from. The staff makes sure that your party is filled with fun and entertainment. It’s easy, enjoyable and very affordable. Although there are many packages to choose from, I loved some of them and am highlighting them here
  • Basic package

Have a fun filled party experience for 2 hours with the very affordable basic package. This includes park admission for up to 10 children and 20 adults. All the benefits of the park and some delicious food options are included. Devour the hot dog or the pizza and wash it down with some refreshing lemonade while enjoying a super party game. If this is not enough, all the kids receive attractive prizes to keep. I love the price tag-$185. If you have additional child guests, they can be added in.

  • Win it in a minute Birthday package

Loaded with fun and excitement this package includes 60 second game challenges inspired by the popular game show. Kids play the Win it game and take home exciting prizes. Very thrilling, it’s fun to watch the healthy competitive spirit during the games. Since this is a basic plus package, the kids get to visit the fun park as well.This comes with snacks included so you don’t have to worry about carrying snacks or other goodies. Game challenge, fun park visit and delicious food make this a complete package with an affordable price.

  • Campfire theme birthday package

Held in western town, this package is both cozy and exciting at the same time. One can roast hot dogs and marshmallows. The intoxicating smell of these goodies will add to the kaleidoscope as you celebrate your special event. This again includes all the benefits of the basic package.

In addition to the above there are other packages to choose from like the Pony Lovers theme package, Crafts n Cakes themed birthday party package and more. One can also rent space and organize DIY parties. The management is flexible and also allows you to bring in outside catering.For more details on all the packages please click here.

Along with the fun-park and the many party packages available, 7 Acre Wood also gives you an option of organizing field trips. The all year round field trip option helps you take a field trip with your schoolmates. You can also bring your friends or any other group for a field trip. It is very reasonably priced and the activities can be customized to suit your groups’ needs.

What other family fun parks in the Houston area does your family love? Tell us about them in the comments.

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