Keep Your Dancer Dancing Even as School Begins

By Tara Schwimmer


School has started and your kid is totally buried in books. Exams, classroom sessions and homework keep her super busy and there is hardly any time for recreation. Besides, physical fitness goes for a toss and there is no time to catch up with friends. As a parent you want to ensure that your kid does well academically but also want all the other activities as they are so important holistic development. One fun and impactful activity that will help balance everyday life is Dance.

Dancing is Joy! It is a wonderful activity and kids enjoy thoroughly. Apart from a being a fun experience dance also contributes to the overall development of a child’s personality. Increased self confidence (& early prep for prom!), improved posture, creative expression, development of poise and grace are some of benefits of practicing Dance.

Dance is a popular hobby that can start at an early age and continue well into adulthood. Since it is a physical activity it is also a great way for kids to keep fit. Hence, it is a good idea to enroll your child into a dance class. Although dance camps are a great idea during summer, kids can enjoy their classes even after school reopens without much stress. It is a good break from academics and is very refreshing! Infact one of my friends decided to join her daughter’s class and they recently performed together. What a wonderful way to connect with your kid and also get your own exercise regime going

Types of dance and dance classes

Kids can join a dance academy or a dance/theater camp. There are options galore as today there are dance classes held for various types of dances. Hip hop , belly dancing, ballroom dancing, flamenco, jazz, salsa are some of the  popular dance forms. Your kid can explore multiple dance forms or choose one dance form and master it. Let’s explore some of these dance forms.


What a wonderful dance form Ballet is. The pink satin shoes and the frilly tutu’s make your little girl look adorable. A beautiful way to express emotions through storytelling, music and body movements, Ballet makes your child graceful. It is also a thorough form of exercise as it helps develop strength and fitness for the entire body.

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One can learn at the Houston Ballet which has classes for age group 6-8. For more details, please click here

Robin’s dance studio is a  dance class  that can be explored too.  For more information on Robin’s Dance Studio please click here.



A modern form of Jazz dancing is  very upbeat and energetic Most kids like taking up Jazz dance classes when they are starting afresh. Drawn from the rhythms of American Jazz music, this dance form teaches complex rhythmic patterns. Kids can relax and enjoy themselves while they learn coordinated body movements and artistic expression. Attending a Jazz class also provides social interaction for kids. This helps them in their school when they interact with other children and also encourages them to participate in extracurricular activities held in school.

Houston has a host of dance classes and camps. The dance classes are held in a relaxed environment and will help your kid de-stress after school. The Dancing Dynomite LLC is a good after school program. Your kid can pursue his passion for dance while schooling and enjoy all the benefits of this great hobby. For more details on the Dancing Dynomite LLC class please click here.

There’s also the Dance Works Inc School that holds programs for young kids. For more details please click here.

Hip-Hop Dance form

Made popular by dance crews in the United States, Hip-Hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. Children love this lively dance form and it is increasingly becoming popular as a hobby.


For more details on summer camps and regular classes that teach Hip-Hop dance form please click here.

In Dance discipline, dedication and practice are vital. By attending a dance class children emerge from their comfort zone and learn various life skills. They  interact with children outside their school and becomes socially comfortable. Dance helps balance the academic life as it is a good way to release stress and is a perfect outlet for creative expression. It is a good idea to enroll your children in a dance class that will keep them on their toes – literally, even after school starts!

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