Getting Ready for Halloween with Decorating and Costume Ideas


It may still be fairly hot here in Texas but it is October which means Halloween will be here before you know it. This post will share some tips and ideas to help you get ready with decorations and costumes.

My main tip for Halloween is to get to a store before all the decorations have been moved out and replaced with Christmas stuff. Time is tight to find decorations so hurry out and look. If the Halloween decorations are already gone, see some below ideas for do it yourself (DIY) decorating.

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Some DIY Halloween decorating ideas from Country Living:

This is a fun magazine with really terrific ideas for DIY decorating.

  • Using simple orange colored tissue paper balls, you can make pumpkins. Cut out facial features from smiles to creepy teeth and triangle eyes using black construction paper. Glue those onto the balls to make spooky or cute jack-o-lanterns. A nice option that is also safer than a real carved pumpkin using a candle.
  • If you have candlesticks, use black candles instead of colored or white candles to add that bewitched feeling.
  • One clever method to add a ghostly appearance to mirrors is to add a ghost image. Using a frosted window film, trace a ghostly image with a face. Use a fine knife to cut along the lines. Then lay the shape onto a mirror so it looks like a ghost is reflected in the mirror. This reminds me of the Haunted House ride at Disney-world in Florida.
  • Adding more ghosts around your house and porch is simple with the use of cheese cloth. If you want floating head ghosts, take white foam heads (these can be found in craft stores or beauty supply shops) and drape cheese cloth over them. Round balls can be used instead and you can glue googly eyes or construction paper features over the cheese cloth.
  • Add a fright factor to hand-washing by placing small Halloween inspired beads or toys in soft soap dispensers.
  • Using white cloth and white string, you can convert a string of porch lights into ghosts.
  • A fun twist on candy bags – take circles of orange tissue paper and place candy in the center. Pull the edges together to make a bag and twist. Use green tape to cover the twist.
  • Make simple black plastic party cups spookier by gluing googly eyes on them.

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There are so many options to make your own decorations. Look for printable images on the internet like bat silhouettes. Print multiple copies in several sizes to tape to a wall to create a swarm of bats. Crafty projects like paper flowers can be done with black tissue paper to fit in with the macabre season.

Costume Ideas
Once again, my main tip for kid’s costumes is to buy in a store or online. If you are handy with sewing, there are plenty of patterns to buy to make costumes. What are the most popular kid’s costumes for 2016? Looking at Good Housekeeping online, some of the trendy ones are:

  • Frappuccino – yes, dress your little up as a cup of your favorite Starbucks Frappuccino complete with a white tissue paper “foam” headpiece. You can use brown craft paper for the “cup” to put around the body and glue on a logo.
  • Skeleton Bat: Using black fabric cut into bat wings larger enough for your child, paint white bones on the wings. Have the child wear black pants and a black shirt. Paint white bones on the shirt only – remember bats don’t have really long legs. Add some skeletal face painting and your young one has a unique, creepy costume.
  • The Force Awakens Star Wars movie characters are super popular and most stores have those costumes available.
  • Pokémon Go costumes are also trending and available at stores.

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My hat is off to anyone who can sew a Pokémon Go or Kylo Ren costume from scratch. For twins, Thing One and Thing Two are always fun as are other pairs like Batman and Robin. This is the one time of the year when you and your kids can dress up as whatever or whoever you want. Transform yourselves in a Zombie hoard or Smurf up your crew with bright blue shirts, white pants and a white hat if you prefer a more whimsical holiday.

This year, Halloween will be on a Monday so that means trick or treaters will probably finish earlier than usual. Share your favorite DIY decorating and costume ideas below.

-By Cynthia Marpl

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