Music Lessons to Benefit the Whole-Child at The Conservatory of Music


Why Musical Instruction? Musical education benefits nearly all facets of child development. In a music lesson, a child may build motor skills while plucking guitar strings, practice reading skills when they read/sing the words to a new song, feel the rhythm and rhyme which builds reading skills, practice speaking and communicating with an instructor and more!

Development of the Whole-Child: Music instruction at the studio supports Texas Educational Goals related to music including “music literacy; creative expression; historical and cultural relevance; and critical evaluation and response”. Did you know that the TX Education department recommends musical activities, exploration of instruments, and exposure to music beginning at birth and during all ages and stages of childhood? The Conservatory of Music acknowledges how music supports the development of the whole-child through the development of intelligence and reasoning, discipline, social and communication skills, motor and physical skills, life skills, and increased probability for future academic success. This TedTalks video is a great resource which discusses the benefits of music education and development during childhood!


Musical Activities:
If your little music-lover can’t get enough of music in lessons alone (or if they are just a little too young right now like mine), try some of these activities:

– Attend a local/community concert or listen to band/orchestra songs on YouTube. We went to our local middle school band’s Christmas concert. The children loved seeing the all of the instruments and listening to their favorite songs being played. It was a great free musical night out with our children!

– Explore toy, real, and household instruments around the house and make your own music! My girls love this play piano (Here!) and it has lasted us from birth to toddlerhood with no end in sight.

-For your very tiny future musician, I have enjoyed mommy and me music classes (Like this one) and I think they’d be an excellent preparation for musical instruction at The Conservatory of Music once they are 3!

– Play freeze dance or musical chairs with the family.

-Rent classical music and books about musicians at the library! My little ones loved listening to the Mozart audiobooks complete with songs and stories that we rented recently.

– The current favorite musical activity at my house involves the baby playing the piano and my toddler singing along to her favorite songs on her new toddler Karaoke machine! (Purchased here!)


If you are considering music lessons, The Conservatory of Music serves a wide variety of needs:

Who are lessons for? The Conservatory of Music serves students as young as 3 all the way up to adults! If you are looking for an accomplished music studio for members of your whole family, this is it!

What they teach: They offer private or small group music lessons in piano, guitar, bass guitar, violin, viola, double bass, voice, drums, percussion, cello, brasswinds and woodwinds.

Where it’s located: Cinco Ranch in Katy, Texas (across the highway from La Centerra). Their address is 23922 Cinco Village Center Blvd #220, Katy, TX 77494. An added bonus for parents selecting this studio for music lessons is the convenient location so parents can grab coffee or do a quick shopping trip during lessons with plenty of time to return for pick-up. (There is a second location in North Katy as well.)

When can my children take lessons?: Music lessons are offered weeknights, Saturdays and even during the day for homeschool students!

Why Choose this studio?: The Conservatory of Music is an award-winning, Royal Conservatory Music Development Program affiliated studio with over 30 highly-trained, experienced and/or degreed professional music instructors. They aim to create a structured, motivating, classical musical experience where students learn the proper techniques for their musical discipline as well as other life skills in a fun and enjoyable lesson.

What we loved: Parents on budgets will appreciate the free recital opportunities, while shy students will appreciate that the recitals are optional and there is no pressure to participate. One of my personal favorite features is yearly picture day with the student’s instruments. This is surely a must-have for scrapbooks, whether your little musician takes lessons for one semester or many years!

What’s Unique: We asked Dr. Guevara at the studio who excited us about their “unique rewards program” which provides incentives and motivates students to be committed and move up “levels” in their program. This program provides a little extrinsic motivation for students who learn best with small rewards. Students earn rewards for achievement on small performance assessments.

Check it Out: The Conservatory of Music hosts two recitals per year which would be a great way to experience the music studio. They also occasionally announce concerts which their instructors are performing in which is a testament to their instructors and their commitment to and love of music.

Bonus Features: The studio boasts a reasonable make-up policy (2 classes per year for students enrolled in group lessons) which is important for parents who know their kids will occasionally be ill or have schedule conflicts, but don’t want to “lose” the class entirely. Average/Reasonable pricing for group lessons compared to other extracurricular classes in the Houston area. I have paid similar tuition for mommy and me style classes (with many more students) for my children.

Summer Camps: The Conservatory offers fun and educational summer camps. Bookmark their website or follow them on Facebook in the near future for information about any upcoming camps!

Ready to sign up?

Phone: (832) 437-4511
Address: 23922 Cinco Village Center Blvd #220, Katy, TX 77494

By Mary West

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