Have a Blast this Summer at The Quillian Center


In Texas, we know that one of the only ways to survive outside in the summer is if you’re near water!  Last summer, we were eager to leave the neighborhood, but I also knew I couldn’t get too crazy with two girls under 2 in the Houston heat. A friend invited us to check out the “splash pool” at the Quillian Center so we decided to check it out- it’s really more like an awesome tiny water park for little ones, complete with life guards, concessions, very reasonably priced admission, and shaded tables and chairs. I’m always nervous to be outnumbered by the girls around water and/or in crowded, open areas with two children but between the entirely gated splash park (less than $10), the small slides and the lifeguards, I was able to relax a bit and enjoy the day with my girls! The splash pool features a Noah’s Ark replica with slides, tunnels and animal statues and a rainbow slide. I can’t wait to bring the girls back this summer because I know my oldest is going to be so excited about seeing one of her favorite bible stories, Noah’s Ark, come to life for her! A nice feature about the splash pool is that it is adjacent, but separated with a gate to a playground and full-sized lap pool. My friend that has older kids was pleasantly surprised that she could splash around with her toddler at the Noah’s Ark pool and also watch her older children swim in the bigger pool. It’s so much fun and so adorable that we are considering hosting Ruthie’s third birthday here this summer!

If you haven’t checked out the Quillian Center’s pools, it’s definitely a must do this summer! They begin opening for their 20th anniversary season as early as May 16th (limited hours). And if you’re looking for summer camps, the camper’s daily access to the pool is only one of the amazing features of The Quillian Center’s children’s camps.

What’s offered at Quillian Center Summer Camp? Everything! Seriously, if you ask your children what kind of camp they each want to attend, I highly doubt the Quillian Center doesn’t offer each one of their dream camps. Between science labs, baseball/tee-ball, basketball, cooking, fencing, boxing, swimming, golf, martial arts, street hockey, arts & crafts, dance, drama, nature walks, archery, ping pong, gymnastics, prayer/worship, video games, rock climbing and more, there is sure to be something that each of your children will absolutely love. Say goodbye to summers where you frantically raced around getting each child to their favorite camp around town- all of your children ages 5 – 12 can attend an awesome day camp at one huge location!


Why Choose Summer Camp at Quillian Center? Mr. Hollis, Associate Director of Summer Camp, told us “he knows parents have tons of choices for summer camps, but the Quillian Center is the only American Camp Association accredited day camp in the Greater Houston Area”. They have been successfully serving children in Houston since 1958. Besides the unique fact that children have a say in choosing their favorite activities to be involved in at camp, nearly all of the camps and activities are on-site so parents don’t have to worry about buses and field trip waivers. Additionally, siblings can all go and enjoy their favorite activities, see each other a few times each day but still have the opportunity to make friends of similar ages and interests. I think another awesome feature is that when the Quillian Center hires camp counselors, they hire specialists in the area they will be teaching. For instance, this summer, they plan to hire a science teacher for the science labs specialty camp for an hour or so each day and the gym coach has a passion for teaching physical education. There is also an option for a free or paid lunch each camp day if you want to take a break from the lunch bag over the summer!

Parents will be glad to know: Every camp counselor is background checked, CPR and First Aid certified, Safe Sanctuary certified, and attend 16 annual camp specific training hours. All pool lifeguards are certified and trained lifeguards through Greater Houston Pool Management.

When is it offered? Summer camp at The Quillian Center is available every weekday from the day school gets out until school is back in session! Simply register for which weeks you wish to send your children to camp. If you’re planning vacation one week, don’t register that week and pay nothing!

What else is offered at The Quillian Center? In addition to the summer camps and awesome Noah’s Ark splash pool and pools open to the public, they are available for birthday parties, swim lessons, sports/recreation and after-school care!

Current Specials: Sibling discounts and preferred employer discounts are available- ask at registration!

In the comments, tell us your favorite summer camp memory!


By Mary West

About me: Mama, wife, daughter, sister, teacher/tutor. My family is looking forward to an early pool season considering how hot this “winter” has been!

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