Happy Mother’s Day! The iQuriousKids.com Guide to a Wonderful Mother’s Day in Houston.


First, we want to wish all of the moms, grandmas, godmothers, stepmoms and expectant mamas a wonderful Mother’s Day this year. Thank you for all of the love, time and energy you give to your families each day. Here’s to hoping for a joyful Mother’s day filled with sweet memories, extra hug & kisses, a little less stickiness and stress, and a few minutes of true relaxation.

Now, hand the computer over to Daddy or one of your ‘big kids’ so they can use our guide to plan some surprises!

What does Mommy really want for Mother’s Day? Obviously, this will vary a bit for each mama. If she has mentioned a gift specifically, that’s a start. I think most mamas will be happy with anything that has an ‘Aw’ factor (like a handmade picture) and has love and thought behind it. For a fool-proof Mother’s Day, be sure to include these three elements:

  • Appreciation– Make sure the day includes some form of a thank you for the billions of things Mom takes care of every day!
  • Love– Remember for you and the children to remind her how much you love her and why and be sure to spoil her with kisses, cuddles, and hugs! (This is a big one for older children who might not be as affectionate on a daily basis!)
  • Make it a special day! Try to keep the day positive and special; encourage the children to be on their best, most helpful behavior and take them for a quick walk if things start go south. The last thing Mama wants on Mother’s Day is to be refereeing arguments, emptying the dishwasher and picking up toys like it’s a regular day.


Not sure about cooking on Mother’s Day? Don’t worry- We’ve found 5 places that are serving delicious Mother’s Day brunches and dinners for 2017! Don’t forget to make reservations soon.

  • PF Chang’s (multiple locations; lunch and dinner): Friday, May 12th– Sunday, May 14th

(We enjoyed Mother’s Day here last year! Not too fancy but still felt special, plus lots of menu options worked well for our whole family.)

  • Maggiano’s Little Italy (multiple locations; brunch): Sunday, May 14th

(We’re thinking about going here this year.)

  • The Tasting Room (multiple locations; special menu and pricing for brunch, lunch & dinner): Sunday, May 14th
  • Max’s Wine Dive (multiple locations; brunch) Sunday, May 14th
  • Landry’s Seafood (multiple locations; dinner) Sunday, May 14th

In the comments, tell us your Mother’s Day plans this year!


By Mary West
Mama of 2 and teacher/tutor; celebrating my 3rd Mother’s Day this year with my 2 sweet girls!

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