Packing the Baby Bag for Success


Before kids, you probably dressed for success- now you need to dress for a mess and pack the baby bag for success! iQuriousKids has you covered for the 13 things you’ll want in your baby bag to avoid any mommy or munchkin meltdowns!

  1. “Baby” Wipes and Diapers & Changing Pad

Obvious, but worth mentioning if you’re using this list as a packing checklist. If your potty-trained child doesn’t need diapers/changing pad, still pack the wipes.

  1. One Extra Complete Outfit per child

Choose a thin fabric for the summer and to save space. Be sure to pack a pair of grippy-bottom socks and underwear, bottoms and top (or a romper or onesie). All or one of these items will come in handy at some point.

  1. Mini Sunscreen and a Foldable Sun Hat

This may sound crazy if you aren’t headed to the beach, but the Texas sun is unforgiving and you never know when a trip to library will lead to an afternoon at the playground in the sun!

  1. Tiny Bug Spray

For the same reason as the sunscreen. I can’t tell you how often we’ve needed this when unsuspecting mosquitoes begin to attack on a walk or at the park.

  1. Mini Water Bottle

This adds a little weight but is well worth it when your toddler is dying of thirst (well thinks they are at least) or you need to give them a little water bottle bath (if you aren’t a parent yet; yes, this can happen) or even for water painting in a waiting room.

  1. 5-10 Dollars

Hide a few dollars in a pocket of the baby bag for a possible emergency or rainy day. You never know if you’ll need a couple dollars for parking or you’ll “need” to purchase a snack in a vending machine, etc.


  1. A Mini First Aid Kit

I got mine at the dollar store! Antiseptic wipes and a few Band-Aids (Extra credit for the ones with antibiotics in them!) are a must-have when a bad boo-boo threatens to ruin a whole day of fun.

  1. Antibacterial Wash or Wipes

This is a must-have for cleaning hands before meals, after the restroom etc. Probably 9/10 restroom sinks at playgrounds are soapless! (*not a real statistic)

  1. Granola/Oat Bars (at least one per child)

My baby bag is never without some version of granola bars or KidClif Bars. They don’t need to be refrigerate and you’ll always have a makeshift nutritional “meal” to tide even the hungriest little one over while you are out and about.

  1. A couple small lollipops

Let me tell you that a well-timed Dum-Dum/lollipop can get you through almost any challenge that comes your way. Seriously.

  1. Grocery or Toiletry Trash Bags

These will be useful for wet/soiled clothes, trash clean-up or diaper disposal.

  1. Easy Activities for the Waiting Room/Restaurant etc.

A couple of small, age appropriate toys, sticker/color/activity books, and/or crafts. This one depends on your child’s interests, where you’re going and should be rotated to keep it interesting and successful. Check the Target Dollar section, the dollar store and around the house for tiny activities that will work for the baby bag. The more compact the better. This week, our bag has a piece of paper, some stickers that the girls got for Easter, a Kumon Mini Workbook, Goodnight Moon board book, some princess tattoos, a coloring book &  crayons and a little push/light-up toy from the girls’ Easter baskets.

  1. Back-up/Emergency Cell Phone Charger

This is one I need to add to my bag ASAP since I’m not great at keeping my phone charged. Keeping this in the bag will prevent missed photo ops, being lost, and most importantly keeps your phone ‘alive’ for potential emergency calls which could have to be made.


Now that your baby bag is packed and ready for almost anything, check for events and programs for the whole family! Tell us: What’s your Baby Bag Must Have?


By Mary West
Mama of 2 & Teacher/Tutor;
A bit of an over packer, but also a firm believer that the moment you don’t have an item with you is the exact moment you’ll need it.

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