Preserving French Culture and Tradition at Alliance Francaise


Families often have deep-routed traditions that are held near and dear to their family. While many of these traditions might include the ways families celebrate special holidays, the music they listen to and the foods they cook and eat, perhaps one of the most important aspect of a family’s culture is their language! In my large Irish family, our corned beef/ham and cabbage, songs and prayers help us to remember our family’s heritage. I also know many adult friends who wish they had learned their family’s native language and/or desire to preserve their native language by making sure their own children learn it! Check out this video of a mom discussing why she values native language learning as a means to cultural preservation!

If you are a family of French heritage or even a family interested in learning about the rich culture of the French, Alliance Francaise de Houston is the place for you! This isn’t just a second language school, it’s an immersive French experience right in downtown Houston.

From the outside looking in, one might think Alliance Francaise is a second language school. On the inside, however, it’s almost like being part of a city in France. Alliance Francaise really works hard to create a little world where children and adults can understand their heritage and cultural roots though musical events, socials, cooking experiences, and of course, high-quality language courses taught almost entirely in French from the very beginning! Classes are developmentally appropriate and taught using a variety of  learning modalities to benefit all learners. The school almost has the feel of a French country club between the events calendar and the sense of community they have accomplished.

You don’t have to wait for the new school year begins to get started; Alliance Francaise offers summer camp options which are truly customizable around a family’s crazy summer schedule and they also offer sibling discounts! Check their listing on to register for a French cultural explosion this summer! Whether your family is of French origin, you’re planning a trip to France or your child is interested in learning French in school, Alliance will place all students in their optimal learning environment based on age, experience and prior knowledge. They even have a really neat placement test  on their website to get an idea of the level your child might be at! Not surprisingly, I placed in to the beginner levels.

Looking for ways to incorporate more French language and cultural learning with your little ones?

  • Check out this fun YouTube video for second-language learners!

  • Learn new French phrases while coloring with this French workbook and coloring book!
  • Go see a French show or watch one of these on Netflix together (with or without subtitles)!
  • Subscribe to the French Embassy in the United States’ newsletter for local and national events!
  • Take a field trip to see the ReCollecting Dogon exhibit at Houston’s own Menil Collection which is a creative and cultural exhibit related to France’s colonization history.


By Mary West
Mama of 2 and Teacher/Tutor; I try to incorporate my family’s heritage in to our holidays like my mom has always done!

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