Play Smarter Kids- A Fun and Educational Gem


One really neat thing about being a writer for has been getting to sample new and unique children’s programs and activities around Houston with my two girls! We have been looking at possible preschool options for my 3-year-old daughter for the future so it was perfect timing to visit Play Smarter Kids in The Woodlands!

Here’s what Owner, Curriculum Creator and Teacher, Ms. Aurora, told us:

What will children do in Play Smarter Kids (PSK) programs? “Our programs are unique in that we incorporate so many different activities in each story adventure. Typically, kids will participate in 4 – 5 activities per hour! Each of our technology, science, art, play-botics and programs are full of tons of different activities that are introduced through kids through storytelling. Our PSK original stories introduce kids to complex concepts in a fun way that creatively captivates their attention, helps build memory, encourage imagination, and enhance literacy skills.”

Who is Play Smarter Kids great for? “Kids with busy hands and big imaginations!”


Here’s what I think after spending an afternoon at PSK’s Fairy Tale Adventures Summer Camp with my two girls:

From the children’s perspective: My girls and all of the children there were so engaged in every aspect of the camp from the story time to the science experiments. My oldest proudly displayed her science experiment/art activity in her room and excitedly ‘Facetimed’ her aunts and nana about how much fun she had at school! (This was her first time in a school environment so I’m so glad she loved it so much!) The children will never be bored by the “same old stuff” because Aurora creates ALL of her lesson plans and writes all of the stories that she incorporates in to the lessons! The camp we went to incorporated the story of Sleeping Beauty, learning about colors, two science experiments dealing with chemical reactions, and more!


From an educational perspective: I was 100% so impressed by the uniqueness of the lesson plans, the ingenious structure of the lessons, the actual lessons and discussions taught by the teacher and how much educational/academic content was addressed in a short period of time in really fun ways for young children. I think it is a testament to the excellence of the program that my 18-month-old and nearly 3-year-old were able to blend right in and enjoy the lesson as much as the 4 to 7-year-olds in the camp! I could tell that the teacher/owner knows a lot about child development and developmentally appropriate activities because her expectations of the children’s abilities and attention spans were spot on. There was never a time that she expected the students to sit passively for long periods of time or where she lectured.  If you can’t tell, I loved what I saw and I can honestly say if we lived just a little closer to The Woodlands, my 3-year-old would be enrolled in the fall program in a heartbeat. I’m not sure who has talked more about what a great program Play Smarter Kids is- me or my toddler!


From a mom’s perspective: The teacher was gentle, loving and playful with the students in all of her interactions! As a mom, it was clear to me that the teacher loves her job and students & the children love going to school there because of the warmth of the teacher and the awesome activities they get to experience. I also love the options for half-day am or pm programs in addition to full day and week programs. In my preschool research, it has been difficult to find half day programs!

Event Update: About the next upcoming events

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By Mary West
Mama of 2 & Teacher/Tutor; I love meeting parents and teachers who are so creative in helping children learn!


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