Discover how Figlia Kitchen helps in developing your child’s mind

Food is a really good vehicle for communication and so is its preparation. Cooking with children not only is a great bonding experience but also helps kids to learn many new things from it. According to a research, when children get indulged in the cooking activities – all of their senses get stimulated as they learn by touching, tasting, seeing, feeling, and listening. Learning becomes meaningful and memorable for them because at just a very small age, kids start discovering the intriguing facts about food and its preparation.

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At Figlia’s kitchen, we always make sure that the cooking experience your child inherits from us, help them grow and learn lifelong skills. Children can learn many things through questions raised in the kitchen including what they need to eat to keep healthy. Which is why, we are going to tell you the benefits of cooking for your kids.

  • Positive interactions with food are integral in helping children recognize and accept a wide variety of foods. It provides an excellent opportunity to discuss where foods come from such as eggs or milk and how and where various foods grow.
  • Furthermore, nutritional awareness and food-preferences are developed with the help of Cooking.
  • Children learn food safety, food history, and new vocabulary during cooking experiences.
  • Children also have opportunities to strengthen and develop fine and gross motor skills as they participate in cooking tasks like stirring, kneading, and pouring through cooking experiences.
  • When children follow a pattern of cooking or follow a recipe, they practically build comprehensiveness and reasoning skills.
  • It gives them a sense of worthiness & boosts their self esteem – They practice patience, follow directions, enhance their creativity, and build self-confidence.
  • Not just on the philosophical part, cooking helps and builds children’s knowledge and skills in science, math, vocabulary and communication. Interestingly, Cooking can be thought of as science experiments that children can eat.
  • On the scientific aspect, while cooking, children have the opportunity to observe changes in food ingredients & its substitutes – They learn about temperature, food elements, melting and freezing points.
  • Analytical skills like – Counting, Measuring and Simple concepts about quantity are learned and conversations about color, texture, shape, and sizes frequently occur.
  • Emotional and Social Development – Children can learn to share and how to take turns, particularly if they make something with a friend or sibling. Then when the cooking is over, you can sit down and enjoy eating together.

At Figlia’s kitchen, we try to ensure that children feel these tasks as an important contribution to the adult world – it fills them with a sense of pride, satisfaction & confidence in what they do. We ensure that they know ‘Food nourishes our bodies, provides comfort, and can symbolize love and security’. Which is why, we give kids the opportunity to do as much as possible by themselves – if they’re closely supervised and activities are age-appropriate you’ll be surprised at how responsible kids can be.

So, if you feel that you want the same for your child, then contact us to get the best for your kids.

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