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Raising children is sticky, gooey (and wonderful) in that messy way you never thought was possible. As if children didn’t find enough slimy messes to get into, the trendy elementary and middle school thing right now (besides fidget spinners) is SLIME! Who knows how such a simple and classic children’s activity has come back with such a following in 2017, but nonetheless, it has. SO here’s some ways to make your summer even slimier.


Educational route: Use a recipe from a book or online to make slime together and enjoy your creation. In my research, I realized there’s a little controversy regarding whether to use Borax to create slime or not. Most seemed to agree that if you choose to use Borax, wear gloves and wash hands after handling the slime, but there are tons of recipes available without Borax if you aren’t comfortable using it. Using a recipe to create homemade slime is the best way to incorporate literacy (reading the recipe), math (measuring) and science (the chemistry behind how the slime is created)! Who knew making a sticky glob of goo could be so educational? Check Pinterest for tons of slime recipes to fit your children’s interests- there’s a ton of recipes from sparkly unicorn slime to disgusting, stinky green slime.

Easiest route: Buy cheap, pre-made slime like this or a DIY kit online. Unpack. Bam – Slime!

Little Scientists route: Make edible slime with your littles so you don’t have to worry about where half the slime went. I have little ones so we mixed up a bunch of boxes of generic instant lime green Jell-O and filled our baby pool outside. The girls spent an entire evening swimming and squishing in the food-grade slime (great for sensory exploration and also for getting as sticky as possible). You may not want to advertise that the ‘slime’ is edible or it will be in their tummies before they can even take notice of the texture.

Technical Route: Watch this video to watch slime being made and learn the science of how it is created!

Field Trip Route: Take a trip to your local science lab for kids for a slime-making workshop or event. Check iQuriousKids.com for children’s science labs and camps such as Mad Science or Camp Invention where children and/or the whole family can enjoy creating slime in a science lab with goggles and lab coats!


By Mary West
Mama of 2 & Teacher/Tutor

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