Combat Skill Loss Over the Summer!

Summertime is an exciting time for children and they certainly deserve a break after a successful and busy school year!  However, parents and teachers often worry that summer break has the potential to cause students to fall behind in their academic skills and knowledge from the previous school year! Did you know that students can actually lose one or two reading levels and up to a whole semester’s worth of STEM skills over the summer? Check out more info about school breaks and skill loss and ways to prevent it with this video. Parents of my students often ask what they can do at home to help their children keep up their skills over the summer. So, here’s 6 fun and simple ways to combat the skill loss and set students up for success in the next school year!

  1. Look in to tutoring in your area! Children might be wary at first, but there are plenty of different options for one-on-one and small group tutoring which can be fun and educational! Check com for academic programs and tutors near you!
  1. Get a workbook and work on just one page per day with your child! Be sure to go over the answers together and help them understand and re-do mistakes. Summer Bridge workbooks and workbooks from the Dollar Store are some of my favorites!
  1. Reading anything for 30 minutes a day can help students at least maintain their reading levels over the long summer break! Comic books, magazines, cookbooks, audiobooks, song lyrics and reader’s theatres can be “non-school” ways to promote literacy in the summer!
  1. Consider an app or website to help your child develop their trouble areas. Depending on the student’s skills and needs, I like using, flashcard apps, and ABCMouse for my students and my own children!
  1. Enroll in a camp or class at Even “non-academic” classes/programs that a student is interested in for fun can benefit student’s IQ and skill maintenance over the summer! For example, a cooking/baking class would help reinforce students’ math, science, and literacy skills!
  1. Get creative! Incorporate tiny educational tasks into your already planned summer trips and activities! Kids can practice academics with a trip to a museum, writing a short journal entry about their favorite part of a vacation, write a review about a new movie, or even helping calculate a tip at a restaurant!

With these 6 tips, you’ll be sure to keep summer learning fun and positive, while still enjoying the summer break with the children. From to your family, have a great summer!


By Mary West
Mama of 2 and Teacher/Tutor;
All of these tips are tried and true with either my own tutoring students or my own children!


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