How to plan a successful camping trip for your family

Family camping is really an awesome experience. You get to strengthen your bonds with your family members, spend time with your loved ones and above all, it’s a break from the monotony of life. For an amazing camping experience, you always need to plan everything as perfectly as possible. From choosing the camping site to carrying the necessary medicines, you need to be prepared to counter-strike every situation that occurs. So, if you want to have a good family camping trip, here are some tried and true methods to make camping fun and rewarding for your family –

Select the right camping site – It all depends on the site. This is the single most important choice you will make and will have the greatest chance to make or break your family camping experience. Choosing a campsite which is safe and sound for your family is a good idea. It is good to explore new sites but when camping near forests or areas similar to that, you need to ensure the safety first. It needs to be based on the abilities of your camping party and on their interests. Also, if you have some novice campers, choosing a campsite in an established campground at a state or national park might be a good starting point.

Carry all the required medicines – The best predictor of family camping success is the level of preparation you have done. You never know what can come your way. Being parents means you have the responsibility of being  the camp counselor. So, carry all the basic medicines and a first aid kit for maintaining the safety and healthfulness of your camping experience.

Stay dry and away from rain – Nothing can ruin the fun of a family camping trip more than if your camping site gets wet!  In order to stay dry, you need to bring rain gear, have waterproof shoes, and keep your tent and sleeping bags dry.

Have good food to eat – When in camp, eat the type of food which will keep you and your family hydrated and healthy. We believe that hungry campers are unhappy campers so plan to eat well. If your family prefers to eat a lot of snacks then go for easy to pack items like granola bars, crackers, gummy bears, raw veggies, etc.. Also, drink a lot of water because you will be exerting a lot of energy.

Share the tasks – Give your family different responsibilities instead of putting pressure on an individual. Having family members divide and conquer the work of a campout will help everyone do their part and won’t leave one person feeling like they did all of the hard work. The entire family will have a better time camping this way and it will strengthen the bond too!

Have fun – Do all sorts of fun, new activities. You and your family can cherish this quality time spent together in the great outdoors!

Your checklist for the basic camp requirements:

  • First aid kit – well stocked for sure
  • Sleeping bags with appropriate rating for temperature
  • Camping stove and fuel
  • Camping lantern and fuel
  • Camping cook set including can openers
  • Tent with rain fly and ground cloth
  • Water carriers
  • Camping mattresses, cots or foam pads
  • Rain Gear – especially the lightweight ponchos
  • Flashlights
  • Extra batteries
  • Waterproof containers
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug repellent
  • Camping cooler

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