Let your kids learn ballet and know the benefits

  • Better posture!
    When it comes to posture, ballet may be the best way to practice, as it helps you to achieve postural alignment. Each movement of this dance form requires an alertness of how you carry yourself from one stance to the other. It helps to correct sloppy posture by pulling your shoulders back and elongating your neck. Hence, a very poised look with an elegant posture is the foremost benefit!

  • Boosts confidence!
    No doubt, ballet is tough! Many a times, performers can’t complete a posture and it keeps intimidating them. Some say anyone can dance, but it takes a lot of concentration and innate desire to get the movements correct in ballet. You will have to keep on  practicing it and when you accomplish what seemed tough, confidence will soar!

  • Improves flexibility and builds agility!
    The more you practice, the more flexibility you gain! Since ballet involves static and dynamic stretching, it gets easier to attain flexibility with practice. It incorporates some pilates movements and requires breath coordination throughout the dance sequence.
    P.S. Doing jumps/leaps in ballet strengthens your lower body!


  • Sharpens cognitive function!
    When it comes to increasing your concentration, ballet challenges your brain to synchronize your form with the expectations. The ability to balance yourself and react to external stimuli is indicative of how tuned your sensori motor skills are. You focus more on the minute detailing and learn things the precise way.  Another perk of doing ballet is that it can relieve stress. With all the classical and soothing tunes, your kids relax, focus and perform better!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your article about the benefits of ballet dancing. I love that you mentioned how ballet involves static and dynamic stretching which will help to attain flexibility. My daughter is into dancing. I can see how she focuses on becoming good at her passion. In my opinion, attaining flexibility will absolutely help her to become the best in dancing. I will make sure to consider enrolling her in a ballet class.

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