The SPCA: Not just for pet adoptions anymore!!

Did you know your local SPCA can be more than just a place to go to find your new furry friend?
Houston SPCA now offers programs for children! has found a hidden gem for your little animal lover. Check out these 5 benefits of children participating in a program through the SPCA:

  • Volunteerism/Service: By volunteering to help at a shelter, children experience the warm fuzzy feelings of doing good for others and are helping to make the world a better place for animals. This could be a great way for your child to see that even little people can make a difference!
  • Good Values: SPCA programs are designed to teach students the values of “kindness, respect, and empathy” which are traits parents often try to instill in their children!
  • Hard Work & Responsibility: Children will have a first-hand look at how much care and time a pet needs!
  • Academics: SPCA programs incorporate the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills in to their lessons for extra educational benefits!
  • Social Benefits: Children will attend camps/programs and play & work along with other animal lovers like themselves!

Check here for camps, day programs, scouting options, parties and more for kids! In the
comments, tell us your experience at the SPCA – either adopting a furry friend or at one of their children’s programs!

By Mary West
Mama of 2 and Teacher/Tutor;
my family dog, Bingo, was a rescue from the Houston SPCA!

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