What Hurricane Harvey Tells You About Texans

First, as a Texan company, iQuriousKids is feeling the devastating, emotional impact that Hurricane Harvey is having on our local communities. All of Texas and all those impacted by this storm are in our utmost thoughts and prayers. We want you to know that iQuriousKids.com will be here to support our community throughout this long recovery and rebuilding period.

It has been deeply overwhelming and heartbreaking to see the impact Harvey has had on Texas families over the past few days. However, in the sadness and darkness, there have been so many moments where the true spirit of being a Texan is shining through. iQuriousKids.com proud to be Texan!

Throughout the devastation, the world is sure to see that everything really is “bigger in Texas,” including hearts. Texans are:

Those who are holding up well are volunteering their talents to help others, many even risking their own lives to do so. Those who have been devastated in this catastrophe have been strong, determined, level-headed and even thankful in the midst of heartbreak. There has been an unexplainable spirit in the air that Texas will be okay and we will get through this together. 

The offers of selfless giving have been simply jaw-dropping. Opening up homes and spare rooms to complete strangers, dropping everything to cook hot meals for 100+ people at nearby shelters, kayaking/boating to save others in nearby neighborhoods, and countless more selfless acts are flooding newsfeeds on social media. One Cypress man on Facebook offered the keys of his boat at his storage unit to strangers to save others with no questions asked. 

Between first responders and good samaritans, the amount of time and energy put in to the relief efforts is multiplying daily. In some areas, the volunteers and donations even exceed the need. People are working around the clock to help their fellow Texans while also caring for their own families in the storm.

The neighborly spirit of Texans all helping each other and the kindness and appreciation towards one another has been remarkable. I’ve seen and heard nothing but countless stories of offers of assistance from others and checking on one another as well as model behavior at local stores. 

While Hurricane Harvey has been a devastating blow to much of Texas, it couldn’t be a better time to call yourself a Texan. In the comments, tell us about the “Texas goodness” you’ve seen throughout Hurricane Harvey.

By Mary West
Thankful for our family’s safety in the storm and looking forward to helping our local community throughout the recovery. Sending lots of hugs and prayers to all those who have been devastated by this storm.

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  1. My heart just hurts for our fellow Americans and what they will endure for years to come. You’re right about the strength and willingness to help others. All of the videos on the internet show how kind and supportive strangers have been.

  2. This event has been absolutely devastating and terrible to watch. There have been some amazing photos of people helping others that truly show the good in people. Thank you for sharing your experiences and hope you keep staying safe!

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