4 Tips to Increase Your Child’s Concentration Power for Future Success

Do you want to help your child to succeed and perform better?   One way to do this is to help them to increase their concentration power.  In today’s competitive world with peer pressure and high-stakes performance measures, it is very important to have a high degree of focus and concentration.

We are listing a few tips to help your children increase their concentration power:

  • Focus on your child’s health based needs: It is important to ensure that your children have a healthy lifestyle.  Mostly children tend to concentrate better when they eat well and sleep properly for at least eight hours a day (younger children may need even more!). A diet rich in proteins, vitamins and essential minerals is also very important for a child’s mental and physical development. A number of studies suggest that a healthy lifestyle plays a dominant role in stimulating the dopamine levels in the body which makes concentration easier for kids.
  • Remove distractions at home: Use of electronic gadgets, watching TV and playing video games are a major source of distraction if done in excess.  It becomes imperative to define specific time for such activities and also plan a schedule for them to focus on academics and other concentration building activities. To help them increase their concentration power, create a soothing environment for them where they can relax and focus entirely on a specific task.
  • Encourage them to practice sequencing and organizational activities: Help your children follow a pattern or perform one activity at a time.  This will allow them to follow certain set of rules and focus on finishing one thing at a time. Visual cues can also be used to help children by using cards in a formed sequence.
  • Give them adequate breaks: Regular and frequent naps and breaks refresh the child’s mind & boosts concentration. Whenever the child indulges in any concentration boosting or academic activity, it is important to give them a break every 20 minutes.

The more refreshed they are, the more concentration power they will have! A refreshed mind always allows the child to make space in his mind and focus well on the other tasks, he is about to perform. Follow the above tips and share your feedback with us!  We would love to hear the success and growth stories of your children.

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