Hoops: Well-Rounded Tiny Humans AND Basketball Players

Hoops is much more than just a basketball team/league. It is very appropriately named Hoops School since the learning that occurs there will likely benefit students in all aspects of their lives! While you may not think basketball practice counts as studying/tutoring, it certainly can at Hoops School. The director, Heidi Horton, says that “her gym gives students training for life” with principles, values and traits which are “applicable on and off the court.” This was certainly evident during the camp I visited where students learned these 17 things (plus more!):

  1. Values
  2. Sportsmanship
  3. Discipline
  4. Endurance
  5. Team-work
  6. Safety
  7. Fun
  8. Health and Exercise
  9. Agility
  10. Family Values
  11. Turn-taking
  12. Social Skills
  13. Science (speed & physics)
  14. Hard Work
  15. Basketball Techniques and Skills
  16. History and Rules of the Game
  17. Bible Stories and God’s laws

Things to Love about Hoops-School:

  • The director and head coach of Hoops School, Heidi Horton, is a former WNBA basketball player (how’s that for experience?). You’ll find her on the court training and working hands-on with all of the players! (You might even recognize her story from the Disney movie Double Teamed which is a also a great family move night film!)
  • Hoops-School offers skills nights for students to spend time specifically working on areas they want to improve in!
  • Many parents wonder how they can help their basketball player practice at home  when they might not have any experience with basketball. Coach Horton has you covered with her FUN-WORK Exercises to help students and families practice and improve their basketball skills even at home!
  • Hoops School follows a curriculum that allows students to move up in a “series of progression to higher levels of game comprehension and ability”. Homework exercises target the specific skills students need to master to advance through the curriculum. I was really impressed by this because I think it gives a way for students and parents to see progress even if they didn’t score ten baskets in last week’s games.
  • Hoops School is welcoming of all students from all backgrounds. Parents of Hoops students “appreciate the value-based training  and the ALL-GOOD things like morals, values and actions that students are taught each week” in addition to excellent basketball training!

Ways to Have Fun with Your Little Basketball Star:

  •  Go to the local gym/rec center and play a family game of basketball or “Around the World”!
  • Go to a professional or local high school game together (or watch on TV).
  • Check out Youtube videos for skills practices and drills for dribbling and more like this!
  • Register for a team/league and/or attend basketball camps and skills nights like the ones at Hoops School! Check iQuriousKids.com to register for a program at Hoops!

In the comments, tell us what sport your child is signing up for this fall!

By Mary West:                                                                                                                       Mama of 2 and Teacher/Tutor; loved basketball as a child! My little cuties playing basketball: 







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