3 Ways to Help Your Children with Math Problems!

Mathematics is the manipulation of real numbers that exist in the world and make real sense in our everyday life. If your child is having difficulty in making of sense of numbers and mathematics,  focusing on the basics is the key. Wondering how you can help your child make sense of math? Read ahead:

Focus on the problematic aspect – Communicate with your children about the specific problem areas. Try pinpointing their weak and strong areas using different methods. Here are some examples:

  • If they are struggling with their math facts, try to address to it via different problem solving techniques such as drawing a picture or using an array.
  • Ask your children to read a word problem out loud. Verify whether they understood all the vocabulary in the description of the problem, and that they grasp the general idea that is being described. Sometimes children are struggling with the comprehension or vocabulary in a word problem, rather than the actual math.

Use organizational and sequential activities as a medium to solve math problems – Not many people think about this, but they use mathematics while performing their daily tasks all the time. You can also use this technique to teach basic methods of problem solving to your children. For example, give them a bunch of vegetables during dinner prep and ask them to use it to practice multiplication, subtraction, addition or division in a hands-on way. This could be a good way to address your child’s difficulties directly while enhancing their mathematical skills in a hands-on, unique way!

Set specific practice sessions – Help your children refurbish their mathematics skills. Set time aside for extra practice sessions at home where your children can focus entirely on figuring out the solutions for math problems in areas they are struggling with. If you open up these practice sessions for your children to think through the problems and solutions with you, then they surely can overcome their struggles with your support!

Hope these three ways support you as you help your child overcome any math difficulty. In addition, you can look for a tutor or math after-school programs at iQuriousKids.com.

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