Tips to Manifest Good Etiquette in Your Kids

Sensitivity towards others – Teach your children to consider having a sensitive approach towards other people. Ideally, they should try to be polite and considerate while addressing people regardless of their age, gender or any other factor.

Be your child’s role model – Try to model good behavior in front of your child. They learn through observation and this is definitely not an area where you can impose things on him/her and not follow it yourself. Remember, the first step to having a mannerly child is being a mannerly parent!

Set the tone – Teach your child about the importance of tone while addressing others; Be it someone older or younger, your child needs to know the importance of a well-mannered tone and fair vocabulary while talking. The same words can be misconstrued for disrespect if the tone is inappropriate!

Respect your child too – The art of reciprocity is great practice for etiquette! If you do not respect your child, then chances are, he/she won’t show respect either. You need to have a respectful behavioral approach towards your child in order to teach the importance of respecting everyone.

Teach them basic manners like –

  • Table manners.
  • Using polite words like ‘Thank You’ and ‘Please’ while talking to people.
  • Not judging anyone for any reasons..
  • Having an unbiased approach towards everyone.
  • Postural/behavioral manners.

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