How One Houston Mama is Rocking her Mom Job and Her Business at the Same Time!

For today’s first guest Mommy blog, we asked Morgan Claar, successful mama of one sweet toddler, how she manages working from home and being a stay-at-home mom! Here’s what she told us: 

If you have wifi and a dream, you can be a successful entrepreneur! The world of network marketing is changing the face of business and tossing the 9-5 tradition in the trash! Don’t get me wrong, network marketing was never even a plausible thought and in fact I turned my nose and refused my friend’s offer many times before I saw the light and made the jump! Network marketing has allowed me the time and freedom to set my own schedule and work from anywhere in the world (which is usually in my kitchen or in the car!). The beauty of this model means that I can fit work into the nooks and crannies of my day! Whether I have 10 minutes between laundry loads or a power hour during my toddler’s nap time, I am my own boss and now lead a large team of ambassadors just like me who have the same dream of providing financial freedom for their families. Even earning free trips and bonuses has been a great perk! Especially since vacations and Christmas presents can cost a pretty penny and leave you with empty pockets or debt. But no more! My team ranges from full-time ambassadors looking to retire from their job, become a stay-at-home parent or just to make enough cash to pay a couple bills or for their kiddos’ extra-curricular activities! (Check for comprehensive listings of activities in your area!) I am a graphic designer and executive administrator by trade so network marketing was way out of my field, especially being shy and having never sold a thing in my life. But if I can do it, anyone can! Yes, trying to work with a toddler at your side all day is challenging, but network marketing is about meeting others! So it actually works well to take advantage of taking your kids to new activities or groups where you can cultivate new relationships organically.

I had always wanted to be a stay-at-home mommy and my husband and I set that plan into action after the birth of my son almost three years ago! I knew I couldn’t be nor did I want to be separated from my baby all day only to see him for a moment before bed and weekends. I am very fortunate that we could afford to do this especially after quitting my corporate job making nearly six figures. Crazy right! But I had a dream and it wasn’t sitting at a desk all day. After a year I knew I needed to find a small job to help make ends meet a little easier and afford outings and activities for my family. I finally stopped saying no and started doing my research. I learned that the Plexus opportunity was going to be a game changer allowing me to stay with my baby and grow a business on my terms!

Here are a few things I had to learn to make this venture at home successful.
• Work in small increments, 15-30 minute chunks at a time
• Utilize getting up early or staying up late (yes, not watching so much Netflix) to work uninterrupted
• Set and layout goals in detail making them small and achievable.
• Most importantly, being an entrepreneur is fun and tough. Your mindset controls 100% of how successful your are in this field. I have many friends that homeschool seven plus children and are Diamonds (earning multiple six figures) in our company! If you dream it, you CAN do it!

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Thank you again to our local mom who shared her awesome tips on rocking her job as a mom and the job that earns her a paycheck! 

We want to hear from iQuriousParents: What tips do you have for balancing your parenting responsibilities with your work and/or chores? 


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  1. It really is a unique experience being a stay at home mompreneur. I love it and my drive to succeed has been pushed farther than it has before. If you are determined to be successful, you really can be!

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