How do Dance and Music Play an Important Role in Your Child’s Development?


Often, children struggle to discover their area of interest and look for inspiration all around, but may end up being in a ‘Monkey See Monkey Do’ situation. Without having any knowledge of the activity, they get indulged in it because friends are doing it and after some time, they might lose interest and confidence.

Sound a bit familiar?

Fret not, because iQuriousKids has the solution to this problem of yours and is ready to leave no stones unturned in catering to your child’s developmental needs and their journey to finding their passion!  

Music and dance are some of the best ways to help your child with any sorts of problems he/she is facing. Dance and music classes can cater to the child’s developmental needs, be it emotional or physical. When it comes to music and dance, your child is in a good place!


  • Teaches Patience


Dance and music are both soothing sources of relaxation throughout a child’s lifetime. Babies are soothed by lullabies and dance and music lessons can help older children relax and learn patience as well!  With each phase of learning in a dance or music lesson, children develop patience and grow gradually from any setbacks. For example, if your child is interested in dancing, he/she needs to be patient with the development, with the ability to pick up combinations quickly, or with any physical barriers that might not play in her/his favor. This teaches them the importance of being patient with the process as a whole and with themselves as they struggle to reach onto their final destination.



  • Encourages Socialization


Children who become socially involved in a musical group, ensemble or a dance group, learn important life skills, such as how to cooperate with others, work as a team, appreciate the rewards and break out of the social shell too. They develop the need to interact with their peers to get the best output of their efforts invested in the activity.



  • Gives Them a Sense of Worth


Sometimes, children lose their sense of individuality as they grow and try to fit in. They may lose their feeling of self-worth and interest, and look for sources which can give them appreciation and recognition. This is when activities like dance and music can benefit them. When children participate, win or lose, they slowly develop a sense of worth and take up the responsibility of getting the best out of themselves.


Why wouldn’t anyone fall in love with the idea of dance and music! Catering to your children’s developmental needs is our sole motive. So, if you want such amazing developmental benefits for your children as well, then you can get them enrolled in one of the wonderful music and dance programs with  

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