Quick and Easy Tips to Improve Your Child’s Communication Skills

Communication skills like speaking, reading and writing are vital to your child’s education and make a big difference in his/her literacy success!

In today’s tech-savvy society, parents may worry that their children don’t know how to communicate well or are becoming too introverted. With verbal and written communication being such an important aspect of children’s future lives in the workplace, iQuriousKids has listed some strategies to encourage positive, successful communication in your home!

Encourage your child to speak: If your child hesitates to speak up, then your first step is just to encourage him. When he does speak, try to listen to their problems and use effective communication techniques to improve their verbal communication. Developing their oral language skills will boost their confidence with words and expand their vocabulary.

Have a routine reading session: Indulge your child in routine reading sessions at home as well. Try using flashcards, objects, books etc., for enhancing their vocabulary and improving their verbal communication. Have them read aloud what’s written on the cards and discuss them together.

Play conversational “catch”: Use this game to try getting your child used to the back-and-forth nature of conversations:

Player 1(You): Throws a ball while asking a question – “How’s your after-school activity going?”

Player 2(Your child): Catches and answers the question. Before throwing the ball back, she/her must share some details instead of just a yes or no answer. The goal is to eventually have your child feel comfortable opening up and practicing effective communication with ease.

Allow them to think out of the box:

Try to make room for creativity as learning new things on a daily basis will help your children to develop an innovative approach towards life. Creativity will also help children in their academics and help them excel well in life.

Practice good writing habits/ write a journal:

Writing a journal on a daily basis encourages your child to practice good writing habits. It is a good activity for him/her to understand how writing can be a medium to verbalize his/her thoughts. Moreover, it would enable the child to expand his/her vocabulary and form a habit of skillful writing.

Body language does matter:

Body language is very important in communication and children can learn to be aware of this. The way they stand or sit, their facial expressions, what they do with their hands, etc., also communicates a great deal. When your child is really listening, discuss the importance of avoiding miscommunication by using appropriate body language.

iQuriousKids would love to share the responsibility of finding extra-curricular activities with you in order to give your child the best developmental benefits. Go to our website and look for the after-school activities which can help your child  improve his/her communication skills.

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