How to Help Your Children Navigate a Route to Career Success

Navigating career options can be a challenging process for young children, particularly today when there are so many different pathways leading to a large variety of career outcomes. The world of work and education has changed and will continue to change at an even more rapid rate. So, before you scour the internet for it (and end up getting useless SPAM emails), look at these 3 points for helping your children in navigating their route to career success –

Career success tips for children

  1. Open your mind to alternatives.

First up, is the fact than the world is changing dynamically and the understanding that there are plenty of options for your children to consider. Talk to them about what they actually want to do, their ideas and interests. Open yourself up to different alternatives and try not to coerce your children into following your academic footsteps.

How can you help? – Enroll your children in after-school activities, which will open their minds to different alternatives and help them in exploring career options. This can help children discover their areas of interests and may also help your children build and refurbish different skills needed for their future.These skills can in turn help your children in easing their transition from childhood into high school and college.

Once they know their area of interests, chances are they will start focusing on them and can help lead them to thinking about goal-management!


  1. Encourage networking!

To encourage your children network more, you can look for opportunities such as school tours, after-school activities, college-course preparation classes etc. This way, children can engage more with their peers and mentors, possibly take up volunteering roles, and begin speaking with people already working in a sector that they’re interested in – which will come in handy for later in life!

How can you help? – Encourage them to take advantage of opportunities to connect to the world of work offered by their school, such as internships, career center programs, and extracurricular activities!


  1. Contribute to their hustle.

Children thrive with support and motivation from parents and peers. So, to personally contribute to their hustle and understand the situation they are in, we have a few tips for you:

  • Talk to your children’s teacher about their schoolwork and learning goals – this will help you start the planning from an early stage and can help clarify the school’s role in your children’s academic success.
  • Be open to their ideas and try not to be critical or discouraging about it.
  • Allow them to make some of their own decisions.
  • Help your children network by introducing them to people you know in their field of interest.

We hope these tips help you to help your children navigate their route to career success! If you are looking for college prep classes, extra-curricular activities in a variety of disciplines, or academic tutoring programs, check for a comprehensive listing!

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