5 Ways to Empower Your Kids Against Bullying

How to stand up to bullying

Bullying is often about power – the power to suppress others through physical strength, popularity, or even spreading embarrassing information about someone. It can happen anywhere and with anyone, but when kids “fight”  back with the right tools (not their fists), it can likely be stopped/avoided. If you are concerned about your kids dealing with being bullied, rather than making them avoid the situation, iQuriousKids.com has some tips that can help them gain control over the situation.How to stand up to bullying


  1. Inspire a feeling of confidence.

Kids learn a lot from observation. If your kids observe you backing down easily in front of a bully, then chances are, they will do the same. So, model the right behavior and stand up against bullying situations. This will help inculcate the feeling of confidence in your kids.


  1. Teach your kids respectful self-assertion.

Teach your kids that their needs can be met while being respectful of other people. Give them words to stick up for themselves. 

For example:

  • “It’s my turn now.”
  • “No!”
  • “Hey! Stop that right now.”
  • “I want you to stop that name-calling/touching me/etc. right now.”

How to stand up to bullying

  1. Teach your kids basic social skills.

Unsocial kids may be perceived to be vulnerable to bullies. If your kids lack social skills, then teaching him these skills might be your priority. You can try:

  • Role-playing with your kids as to how to initiate a conversation with other kids.
  • Helping him socialize with others at playdates or social meetups at school.
  • Explaining to him the importance of mutual friendships and socializing with peers.


  1. Make your kids aware of how bullying works.

Many research shows that bullying often begins with verbal harassment and how the victims respond to it. They use brutal words to hurt the feelings of their victims and may even hurt them physically as well. Here are some of the things bullies might do:

  • They often talk loudly and don’t give others a chance to speak.
  • They try to appear super cool.
  • They often pick on younger or smaller kids, kids who might be different in some way, or kids who don’t have many friends, like new kids.


  1. Teach kids to intervene and prevent bullying when they see it.

If your kids witness anyone getting bullied, then tell them to intervene in the situation (safely) and try prevent the victim from getting bullied. Talk to them about your expectations for them like never joining in with bullying and sticking up for others who are being teased. This will help them understand how to stand up to a bully and possibly even save the victim.

Here are some ways your kids can make a difference when they see bullying:

  • Don’t join in or watch bullying. Bullies love an audience.
  • Stop any rumors. If someone tells you gossip, don’t pass it on to others.
  • Stand up for the person.
  • Tell an adult/ teacher/ supervisors etc.
  • Encourage the bullied person to talk to an adult.
  • Offer support to the victim.


If we teach our kids to be full of empathy and good emotions, we believe instances like these can be avoided. If we help them grow stronger mentally and physically, chances are, that they will conquer such situations by themselves. We want to join our hands together to help make the world a bullying-free, happy place for our iQuriousKids! 

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