Reading a Chapter Book with a Preschooler: Roger the Mini-Dragon

Reading a Chapter Book with a Preschooler: Roger the Mini-Dragon and the Magic Meadow

By Mary West

Over the last couple of months, my three-year-old has really grown to LOVE reading, especially before bed. We are always looking for new books and lately have started reading audiobooks and chapter books (1-2 chapters at a time). My very girly daughters just love dragons thanks to a special Christmas present from their Pop-pop last year, so when we had the chance to preview Roger the Mini Dragon and the Magic Meadow by Trish Sardinha, I knew we couldn’t pass it up! One way I like to read chapter books with this age is to break up the chapters with a discussion and a simple, related activity, so I’ve listed a suggested preschool activity for each chapter of this book! (And I kept the Texas Pre-K Guidelines in my mind while creating these activities so they are fun, but educational too!)


Spoiler Alert as some activities may reveal info about the plot.

Chapter 1: Draw what you think Roger looks like.

Chapter 2: Go visit a nearby greenhouse, garden center or garden!

Chapter 3: Pretend to fly like Roger.

Chapter 4: Eat Roger’s first foods: pizza or chips!

Chapter 5: Watch an eagle cam on YouTube.

Chapter 6: Talk about feelings and being sensitive/kind to others.

Chapter 7: Play “school”.

Chapter 8: Go on a nature walk or play at the park.

Chapter 9: Go berry picking or talk about safety rules.

Chapter 10: Play “vet”.

Chapter 11: Look for pictures of dragons in books or the internet OR play with dragon stuffed animals and toys; practice introductions and meeting new friends.

Chapter 12: Sing Wheels on the Bus.

Chapter 13: Color an eagle picture or make a craft like this: (Depending on your family’s beliefs and children’s ages and questions, this could also potentially be a good chapter to talk a bit about your family’s beliefs about what happens when people/pets pass.)

Chapter 14: Go fishing together.

Chapter 15: Look in the mirror and talk about reflections.

Chapter 16: Make fossils together or read a dinosaur book.

Chapter 17: For my daughter, this was a good time for us to talk (again) about Heaven. (You may want to read this chapter ahead of time. While I was worried she would be sad about this part or that it might be too much for her, it was so gently written that she was pleased that they went to a happy meadow instead of staying sick.)

Chapter 18: Make a Roger the Dragon footprint or handprint art with your little! (Pinterest has some cute ideas for dragon crafts (I LOVE this one and you can just use green paint to make it look more like Roger!:

Chapter 19: Talk about the four seasons.

Roger the Mini-Dragon

From the mama: Definitely a great book for multiple age groups! Read a chapter at a time with little ones or use as a great vocabulary-builder for elementary readers reading on their own or being read to! The story is cute and the dragon is lovable. If your family has recently lost a pet or even a family member, this is a gentle book that broaches the idea of death without any darkness or morbidity for little readers. I can see it being a great audiobook for the car or even translated into a picture book version for younger readers! I’ll definitely be keeping it in mind as a gift for families who have recently lost a furry friend.

From the inner teacher: Great book for expanding vocabulary, discussing themes, adjectives, descriptive writing, settings, point-of-view and more! I could definitely see this being a unique classroom read.

From the ‘threenager’: She would have liked more pictures and some of the words were hard to understand but she loves dragons and she loved reading about Roger and his adventures! She has since named one of her dragon ‘loveys’ Roger.


Roger the Mini-Dragon and the Magic Meadow is available at a reasonable price as an eBook or in print! Read reviews or purchase here!

*I received this complimentary eBook from the publisher (NP/RSP) in exchange for my unbiased review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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