3 Ways to Build Your Kids’ Self-Esteem with Only Words


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“Hey, you did that pretty well”

“You know, I appreciate you helping me out with the chores. Thanks, baby girl!”

“Oh! Holding the door for the ladies! Well, you sure are turning into a fine gentleman, my boy!”

You must be wondering why I mentioned all these statements right in the beginning. Well, it’s mainly because they are the building block of any young child’s personality. Being a parent, it is our hope to build our kid’s self-esteem in an affirmative manner, which is why we often use confidence-building statements to help our kids and encourage them!In support of the above-mentioned statements, you can always try these easy ways to build your kid’s self-esteem just with words:


  1. Empower your kids by seeing their best self.

Many types of research show that the behavior of kids is determined by their belief system. So, to strengthen that, whenever you observe anything positive about your kid’s behavior, make sure to mention it to them. This will fill them up with a sense of value and self-worth, hence, boosting their self-esteem. The statements that we mentioned at the beginning of the blog are perfect examples of ‘appreciation and praise’ that kids seek from us. In turn, this will also fill them with a sense of being appreciated. Hopefully, the more they realize we are noticing and appreciating them acting as their best self, the more they will want to behave that way.


  1. Empower your child by problem-solving instead of labeling.

Avoid labeling your kids at any cost. If they are unable to meet a goal, then as a parent, you can try to help your kid get closer to reaching it. Remember, human behavior needs constant encouragement to keep plugging away towards a goal. So, instead of labeling your kid or potentially demeaning them, it can be better to contribute to their goal and help them grow.


  1. If they fail, tell them they learned another lesson.

We all have had our ups and downs in life, from which we have likely learned a lot. As a parent, we should make sure that our kids learn and grow from their failures. Sometimes when things don’t work out as kids have hoped, they may draw mind-boggling conclusions which render them with hopelessness. So, this is the time to help your kids reframe situations to see that any given setback is temporary and that they have some control over whether things will work out next time or not!


Remember, our words can do wonders for our kids; affirmations can add to their self-esteem. A confident kid will be able to succeed in today’s dynamic world, which is every caring parent’s hope. To add more appreciation and boost your child’s self-esteem, you can use these tips! Enrolling them in an after-school activity by iQuriouskids.com can also help your children reach their goals and help them boost their confidence and self-worth! Our platform ensures the best mental and physical development for your kids with tons of different after-school activities and summer camps.

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