7 Brain Games/Activities You Should Be Playing with Your Child!

We asked Anjana, a mommy blogger, to tell us her favorite brain games to play with her kids! Here are Anjana’s 7 favorite brain games that you can play today! 


7 Brain Games/Activities You Should be Playing with Your Child:

A child’s brain develops to almost its full capacity by the age of five. Motor skills, verbal and analytical skills are all interlinked and therefore it’s imperative to ensure all round growth. This is the best time for providing them the best learning games to help develop their mental capabilities. Because let’s face it – which child can stay still long learn from books!

Playing games is a good way to develop parent and child bonding, at the same time ensuring that they take away some learning. Kids love spending time with their parents and they learn the most from them.

The following 7 games are a great way to unlock your child’s creativity and thinking.

Building blocks:

There is a reason why building blocks are probably the oldest and one of the most creative games for kids.  Building blocks come in different shapes, sizes and wide variety of colours. They can help your child to be imaginative and create whatever they want.  As a parent you can sit with your child and slowly show him/her something that they can build with the blocks – say a car, truck or just even solid spaces. The idea is to just nudge them in the right direction and then let them take it from there!


Puzzles are yet another fun way to help your child exercise its analytical skills. Puzzles help to improve hand eye coordination and logical reasoning and thought.  Puzzles teach a child to be patient and also enhances their confidence when they complete the puzzle.  Puzzles can be addictive – so get them so make at least one and then watch as they want more.

Start putting together puzzles with your child ASAP because as they grow older they may shun them for the more flashy toys.

Alphabet cards:

Flash cards or Alphabet cards are a very important teaching tool for children.  Flash cards help the child to recognize the alphabets and the words that complement them. This is one activity that you need to give time for and sit and play with your child.  You can form a word like “Dog” with the cards and then try placing a picture of a dog to show what it actually looks like.  Slowly you can also include the sound of barking and also what the dog eats or where it sleeps, and so on.

Role play:

Do kids really need to be taught role play?!? LOL!! No, right! It comes naturally to them.  They are experts at imitating what they see and then copying it. It’s been my greatest joy watching as my child tries to copy me or my hubby!

Once your child begins to do pretend play jump in and teach them the right actions or morals associated with the game.  For example if they are playing with a kitchen set, then teach them a little about safety by telling them to turn of the stove, or to save water by not wasting it etc.

Solving mazes:

Children enjoy mazes. So get your kiddo a book of mazes and let him/her figure out how to reach the end.  It helps the child to use their utmost mental ability plus how to follow directions.  It also helps them improve their motor, visual scanning skills and problem solving abilities.

Games for kids like snakes and ladder and Ludo – though not technically mazes help children to strategize to reach the goal – much like mazes.

 Finding objects:

You can also play a modified version of treasure hunt by making your child find things that are there in the nearby surroundings and name the objects they like.

This will increase their memory when they reuse the word they once learnt. Try showing a picture of a doll or a fan on the ceiling and ask your child to point it out or say find it.  This is a fun game as it allows the child the “joy of discovery” as he/she moves from place to place to locate things.

Dance and follow:

If you didn’t know already, the part of the brain that enjoys music also helps us to ace Mathematics. So, if there was a reason to get your child to sign up for music class – it’s this, no? Dancing is a great way to get your kiddos on their feet.  Dance and sing along with your child and let them know that they have your undivided attention.

Children can learn a lot form games, so let them play – structured or unstructured, it doesn’t really matter.  Children learn to share, they learn to wait for their turn and above all they learn to lose – all of which develops their personality and imparts real life skills. A win-win for parents as well as children!

Do you have a game night at your house? What games do you play with your children? Do share in comments below!

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Anjana Bhartia is a mommy blogger at MommyRepublic.in She describes herself as an imperfect mom stumbling through motherhood, discovering the joys of natural and attachment parenting along the way.

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