Why Putting a Limit on Screen Time is Good for Your Kids!

“Should I allow my kids to watch TV or not? Are these programs okay for them to watch? Is the parental control feature working?”

Appropriate screen time for kids


We all have had such questions come up while thinking about our kids’ development and the role of screen-time. Screen time has now become an alarming concern for today’s parents. It is not uncommon to find kids stuck to the couch with their eyes on screens with not a single care in the world. Yes, we know it sounds a bit worrisome to see them like this which has surely rendered many parents with stress. iQuriousKids.com has rounded up the best tips to rule out this common screen time problem!


Always consider both the factors: How Much and What?

We encourage you to pay attention to what your children are watching and for how long. The whole ‘managing the screen time’ game revolves around it.

For an easier explanation, we have segmented it into smaller chunks as how these factors work in different ways for you:  


Know your kids and know your values.

If your kids complain that all his friends are watching a particular TV show that contains unethical behavior and is inappropriate, then explain what your family’s values are and why you are sticking to them. Explain to them why watching this show won’t be of any value. This can help them realize the difference between appropriate and inappropriate content for them.


Be conscious of age-appropriateness.

What’s OK for 10 isn’t OK for 4. Be conscious of what your child is watching and what the media reviews for it are. Keep in mind that according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, kids below the age of 18 months don’t need screen time.


Use technology to control the media.

Sounds a little crazy, but there are many apps out there which can control what your kids watch. You can put timers, parental controls, and more on the technological gadgets your kids access for media!

Appropriate screen time for kids

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