Effective Techniques to Develop Listening Skills in Kids

Is your child often distracted and/or has a hard time focusing on other things? Working on his/her listening skills may help!

Listening skills for kids

Active listening skills facilitate effective communication throughout life & are vital for any kid’s advancement. The goal is for your child to become an attentive person, which implies that he/ she utilizes effective listening skills and carefully responds to what they are asked.


Let’s start with the basic steps and techniques to encourage your kids to listen more:


Step 1


Model active listening skills by looking at your child when he/ she converses with you. Clarify what your child is saying/asking to be sure you understand and then reply. Demonstrating legitimate listening gives your child an example of what good listening looks like.


Step 2


Request that your child repeats what you said after you tell him/her to do something. For instance, if you requested your kid to put back the scattered toys in the toy box, wash his/ her hands and get ready for a supper, then have him repeat back the three things you asked your kid to do. This allows him to process what he was advised and enables you to ensure he is listening to you.


Step 3


Raise topics of interest to your child and try to connect with him/her in that discussion. Attempt to ease up on quick exchanges and give your child the chance to speak openly with you. This is a two-way process: Your child will rehearse both listening and talking abilities, thus upgrading his/her relational abilities.


Step 4

You can try fun activities like:



  • The Telephone Story Sessions


Pick up your kid’s toy-phones and start cooking up stories on the call. In this game, take turns whispering in each other’s ears and repeat back what you say to one another or pretend to talk to each other on the toy phones. Use 3-4 short sentences for your kid to repeat and continue making up stories and engaging the little one in conversation.


  • Listen and Draw.


Drawing is a highly calming activity for kids & can also be used to build listening skills in kids. So, start describing a picture to your kid and share all the important details as he/ she listens. Then ask your kid to draw the picture as you described it and guide your kid all along. This activity, when done on a daily basis, can really improve your kid’s listening skills in a fun way!


  • Memory Game


A memory game is a great way to boost listening skills. Kids can form a group & can add as many people who are willing to play:  friends, parents or siblings. In this game, take any particular topic like fruits, vegetables, movies, etc., and with each person’s turn, an addition will be made to it. Suppose one person said, ‘Apple’, then the other one is supposed to say ‘Apple, Mango’. And the game goes on like this. Whoever misses out on any single word, is out. It’s a totally fun game to play with your family and especially with your kids to boost their memory and listening skills.

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