Speech “Therapy” for Kids: Easy Activities

Isn’t it a concerning issue when your child stammers or can’t pronounce certain words properly? And aren’t you constantly concerned about their academic performance, their decreasing confidence and their low-key personality due to their speech?

We know you are and we are here to help!

Speech therapy for kids, speech therapy activities

Kids who have difficulty pronouncing words, speaking out loud or conversing with others may have certain types of speech disorders, and they struggle with the ability to communicate well with others. We have accumulated a list of activities which can help your kids and provide easy but helpful activities that may help their speech and language development. Speech therapy helps children improve their communication skills and their dialect issues. It plays an important role in enhancing your kid’s personality and gives them the confidence to succeed in life. Now that you know its importance, go on and read about these useful activities, which benefit kids’ speech and language development:  


Mirror Exercise

Some kids with enunciation issues are unable to move their mouths to make sounds accurately. So, you can encourage your kid to talk in front of a mirror and help him/her to perceive how the mouth moves while making specific sounds.


For example – Ask them to say the word ‘Vowel’, and help them focus on the way their mouth is moving while pronouncing the word.


You can easily explain each syllable gradually and accurately to display appropriate situating for your children and show the distinctions in the mirror.

Flash cards

Flash cards can assist kids in language instruction and focus on the sounds that they experience issues with. Try making your own flashcards and tell your kid to say what’s written or pictured. Remember, do not start with the hardest words and help your child through the process. This will help your child enhance his verbal and reading skills while expanding his knowledge base as well.


You can help make it more engaging by giving an action to children to do alongside them or a reward when done accurately.


Guess who?

This is a fun table game which enables kids to recognize regular things like cars, creatures, and ocean animals etc. It not only promotes their analytical abilities, but also supports appropriate character distinguishing proof and socialization abilities. Children take turns giving clues about a mystery animal while the other children guess the mystery animal/object/etc.

The more they socialize through this game, the better they get at communicating with others!


Reading books

We know this is a common activity but it may be the most important one as well. Reading helps kids to become more fluent with the words, while providing speech and language development simultaneously. It allows the child to pronounce the words, expand his knowledge base and engages him/ her to a greater extent. For even more specific practice, you can look for books which are especially made for improving pronunciation.


* Please note that the author is not a certified SLP. These are meant
to be activities to help all children with speech and language development! If you are concerned that your child has an undiagnosed speech and language disorder, please contact your pediatrician for a referral for a speech therapy evaluation. *


iQuriousKids.com believes that every kid should get an equal chance in life with better growth opportunities for the future. This is why we provide various after-school activities which enhance your kid’s personality and prepares him for a bright future. So, scour through our website and look for the activities which are a fit for your kid. Search our site to find programs which benefit speech and language development!

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