Easy and Quick Relaxation Techniques for Teens


quick relaxation activities for teensHow often have you heard your teenager whining over little things? OR How often have you heard them saying ‘Mom, you won’t get it! You just don’t understand me!’.

We know. It’s pretty relatable, right?


If you have a teenager, then life is bound to be filled up with a lot of ups and downs and lots of ‘Can everyone please just stop judging me?’. The constant urge to fit in with their peers, academic pressure, extracurricular activities, hormonal changes and in addition, the enormous endeavor of stepping toward adulthood and independent living – Life during this stage can be a roller coaster ride!


This can cause the questions to pop up in a parent’s mind such as whether to scold their teen and impose more rules OR deal with them calmly without letting the situation slip out of your hands. Remember, scolding harshly or imposing things on your teen likely won’t do any good and might even affect his/her psychological development. So, rather than seeking such options, it is advisable that you try some of these tips:


Take a look at some of these easy and quick relaxation activities and tips for what your teens can do when the stress of life gets to feel like too big of a burden.


  1. Meditation and Yoga:


Meditation –

Before you ask the teens to meditate, make sure they know what actually it is about.

Meditation is sometimes wrongly assumed to be very spiritual in nature. The act of meditation is all about clearing the mind of unwanted thoughts which impact our lives in major ways. It relieves the soul and helps reduce the stress level, for both the short and long-term. It balances one’s thought processes and can enhance your quality of life. It can help calm their mind and even give teens a feeling of satisfaction and inner peace. Greater confidence, better focus, and improved health are some of the initial perks of it.




Teens may have a tendency to do what their peers seem to approve of rather than what’s beneficial for them. This reality can indeed be quite saddening. A great way to tackle teenage problems is to introduce your teens to yoga, with solace and peace being the utmost benefits. Yoga can help teens deal with all sorts of chaos in the outer world. It decreases the feeling of competition among teens which is so prevalent at this age.  Sometimes, parents may unknowingly impose things on their kids or constantly nudge them to be better. But yoga can play its part and teaches them that ‘everybody is different and different bodies do things differently’. There is no one better or worse at yoga than anyone else; we are all just exploring our bodies and learning things in our own way.


  1. Music and Dance activities:


“Hans Christian Anderson once said, “Where words fail, music speaks”. In the teenage years, kids may struggle to express their emotions, which leads to agitation in many cases. Listening to soothing music and dancing it out can help them to regain their focus and deep down, may motivate them! There are also cognitive benefits since music and dance help teens to improve their memory by remembering all the steps. Music even has the power to relax the mind and is a wonderful method of relieving stress. Some students feel they are able to concentrate better and feel more relaxed with their headsets on and music blasting. Music and dance can also build self-confidence and an interpersonal relationship among the teens.


  1. Artistic Activities:


Artistic activities can have a positive effect on teens that are facing tough challenges in their lives. This isn’t just limited to crafting activities – visual arts & theater are a few other additions. With a calm approach and a place to channel their energy, arts can be a great outlet for teens. In addition, research has shown that at-risk students who have access to the arts, in or out of school, tend to have:


  • better academic results
  • greater likelihood of college enrollment
  • increased self-esteem and resilience
  • better workforce opportunities
  • improved emotional intelligence
  • more civic engagement, such as voting and volunteering etc.

To all the parents out there, we understand that raising a teenager is quite tough and full of complexities! We are here to help you help your teen transition into productive adults through calming and relaxing approaches. If you want to enroll your kids in the activities mentioned above, then get in touch with us at iQuriousKids.com!

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