4 Adaptive Skills Activities to Cater to the Developmental Needs of Toddlers

Is your little one about to start preschool? Is he/she totally ready for doing things without your help? No? Teach them adaptive skills and how to seek help with these easy but effective activities!

Adaptive skills activities for kids

Many parents are concerned about their toddler’s habits and routines, especially when they are about to join preschool. They are very much aware of the fact that toddlers are not used to performing basic tasks, hence are dependent on their parents. So, why not take up this as an opportunity to help your toddlers learn the importance of adaptive skills with our easy activities. The following activities are suited for use in both preschools and at home to enable the toddler to build up the imperative foundational capacities and self-confidence for the future. Check these out:

Adaptive skills activities for kids

  1. Practice Dressing: Dress-up time can be much more fun if the toddlers are given much more options than just the regular outfits. So, try providing your toddlers with multiple pieces of clothing that feature large buttons, several zippers, or Velcro and have them practice fastening and unfastening the closures as if they were getting dressed or undressed. You can set a timer for each clothing type and reward your kid if he/she “wins” by dressing themselves before the time is up.

Adaptive skills activities for kids

  1. Practice Self-Feeding: When a toddler heads to preschool, they should have the habit of being able to feed themselves during mealtimes. Before achieving school age, toddlers ought to have the capacity to effectively open their lunchbox and containers and eat a meal autonomously. Parents can try teaching their kids basic mealtime skills like
  • Putting a straw into a juice box
  • Opening a zippered plastic sack
  • Holding utensils with good grips etc.


These activities also promote fine motor skills and help toddlers to hone their table manners, which explains the true benefits of it.  

Adaptive skills activities for kids

  1. Practice Hygiene: Now that they are in preschool and not under your supervision, your toddler needs to understand the importance of hygiene. Urge them to wash their hands properly before and after having meals and if using the restroom. Be prepared to offer help by promoting the same habits at home. Try initiating a handwashing song so that your kids can wash their hands for at least 30 seconds. One song idea: “Wash your hands with the soap, see the bubble and foam float, kill the germs, that’s the rule, and with healthy hands we can go to school.”


  1. Practice Socializing: It is essential for kids to build interpersonal relationships and understand emotions from an early age. Parents can help their toddlers build social skills by attending events with other kids and helping them interact with each other. Events like play dates, organized group activities etc., are great for developing social skills. This may also help toddlers dealing with the ‘shy’ factor and the chances of developing an outgoing attitude increases.

Hope these activities help your toddlers to have a great time at their preschool! If you are looking for any developmental activities or preschools for your kids, then look through our activities at iQuriousKids.com!

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