Cold and Flu Season: Top Tips for Childcare

Unfortunately, it’s the time of the year when all you see are people coughing or sneezing around you and you are rendered with tons of thoughts in your mind like:


What if my kids catch the flu?

How do I keep them away from the flue?

Should I get in touch with the pediatrician ASAP?

What should I do if their illness gets worse?


Most parents are concerned about keeping their children away from germs during the holidays. With the rise in pollution and germs in the air, some believe that humans have become more vulnerable to such diseases.

Let’s not underestimate ‘MOM POWER’ which protects kids from all sorts of hurdles and life battles. With just a few basic precautions, you can do your best to keep your kids away from the FLU and make them stronger this season. Our flu survival tips are here:

Tips for avoiding cold and flu for kids

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