5 Hidden danger zones/ things in your home for toddlers!

“Home” – A safe place for our little ones. A place where they can move freely, feel secure and build amazing childhood memories.

As parents we all know, that it take tremendous vigilance to protect your babies (yes that’s what they will always be right!) from harm’s way. Did you know, that accidents happen in the most unexpected ways? Here are some things, which can pose big and unexpected threat for our toddlers!

Despite the fact that we, make our best effort in keeping up with the regime to protect our home, various obvious things can be easily missed out. A couple of valuable minutes can turn our charming & safe home  into a heartbreaking and unsafe place.

Want to know how? Well here is the list of Top 5 Hidden Dangers in your home for toddlers:

  1. Magnets

How many fridge magnets do you have from your many travels? OR those from a play set. A magnet is a very small thing, which parents easily oversee but can cause life-threatening situation for toddlers. Loose or high-powered magnets can cause serious injuries like choking, abdominal pain, vomiting, and fever. Delaying treatment can lead to severe injuries to the stomach, intestines, and digestive tract and even death. Therefore, make sure they are kept well out of reach especially if you have a older kid playing with them

  1. Button or Coin Batteries

Button batteries are usually found in toys, calculators, remote controls, watches etc. The batteries are loaded with unsafe chemicals that can easily be consumed by toddlers and lead to potentially fatal alkaline poisoning

Consciously and regularly look for and remind yourself of all the devices in your homes that have these button or coin-style batteries and keep it out of their reach. Use thick tape to cover up areas wherever these batteries are used and purchase toys which consist coin-battery slot that are protected by screws

  1. Power supply sockets

Toddlers + Electricity sockets = Fatal danger

We all know that toddlers are curious in the most unexpected ways. Electrical sockets is one place where putting in a pointy object seems like the one things that is irresistible to these little Qurious minds!

As parents we know to stay cautious such that our toddlers don’t put their finger in electrical outlets or chew on the wire or plug. To prevent them from these sorts of danger, you can attach electrical guards into the outlets and have hidden cords for temporary extensions. Other than this, put electrical devices such as DVD players and electrical appliances – like hair dryers and toasters – out of reach from your curious toddlers. Also ensure that cords are well tied so that they don’t become a strangling hazard

  1. Knives, and Pencils


It’s not just the knives and needles that cause serious injury. Other sharp objects, pens and pencils etc. can also harm toddlers as they might stick it in their ear or eye or just  a painful body poke. Look out for objects like razors, tweezers, scissors, sewing needles, knitting needles, and even high-heels. You can try putting locks on drawers where knives, forks, or other sharp objects are kept – but I have seen kids get smarter everyday so stay alert and watch if they are learning to open your child safety locks!

  1. Medicines and Cleaners


Parents should store chemicals safely and out of their toddlers reach. Things such as cleaning supplies, dish detergent and medicine. Unfortunately, a slightly ignorance of these can cause into huge risk for toddlers. It would be better if you store all detergents, bleaches, household chemicals and medicines in their original bottles with their readable labels.

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These are some of the danger zones/ things which can pose a life threat to your toddlers; But now that you are aware of these, you can easily prevent any mishappening and keep your little ones safe.

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Happy surfing!

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