“Fitness List: Top 5 Tips for teenagers”


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Teenage years can be formidable. The brain is creating new connections and is a sponge ball of confusion (I found the book “The Teenage Brain” quite enlightening). We have all been there and know that this phase of life isn’t easy to deal with. As parents it takes immense patience and tolerance.. Easier said than done!

The world is a fun place full of wonder one minute and the worst place to be at the next. This wide array of emotions and volatile reactions.. Aggression; Anger; Peer pressure,  Low self esteem or Over/Under Confidence, is hard to interpret and handle as a parent.

But did you know that by tackling even just the physical elements of a growing body  – a fit body can in itself make a significant difference in the long run?

This is why we thought of compiling a fitness list with the top 5 tips to help your teens cope with this changing phase in their life and maintain a healthy/ fit lifestyle:


  • Fitness goals

“Small” is the key word here. Small fitness goals, so that you can attain them step by step to help you in establishing a routine that you can commit to and stay motivated towards fitness.

When teens attain these goals, it gives them a set of confidence which helps them for their entire life.

Make it fun and easy. I have a little push up bar on my kitchen door. The kids swing on it all the time, as its right there in front of them. Further, you can also try to be a part of your teens’ fitness regime and likewise enjoy each other’s company. Why should teens have all the fun?


  • Healthy Snacking







Teens follow inappropriate diet schedules which causes health issues like obesity or anemia, later resulting in low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence.  My kids are not allowed to take food to their bedroom. I often find empty wrappers in my pantry and I have joked about a rat in the house knowing very well its my kids. Funny it maybe, but don’t take it lightly. Irregular snacking habits can be hard to get rid off.  Just 3 things have made a difference in my home – low sodium options; replacement of chips with baked chips and no soda or juice at home unless there is a party. If it’s not there they get over it.


  • Drink Up







It is important to drink at least 7-8 glasses of water per day. We all know it. I like to pour a glass at every meal and make sure everyone drinks up before they get up.

Sounds like a broken record — it’s ok. Talk about how it helps – it will create some impact. A glowing skin; flushing out harmful toxins; promoting weight loss, boosting the immune system; increasing in the metabolism and so much more.


  • Breakfast Counts







Early morning snacking gets my teens in the habit of consuming a good amount of calories to work throughout the day. While teens aren’t always on board with what you say, they are easily influenced by their peers, and that includes their breakfast behaviour too. Sounds very familiar, right? Well, this is the story in most homes. But nevertheless, this problem of our ever-defensive teens can be tackled with our most favoured, tried and tested, easy tactics –

  1. Make the breakfast choices varied – go for nutritious options from around the world, and not just the native or regular stuff
  2. Dont worry too much about being  a little preachy about how breakfast increases their work efficiency, boosts energy levels and of course keep them ahead in every game.


  • Portion Control







Rather than gorging, try consuming smaller meals. Portion indeed plays a big part in maintaining your fitness level as it results in better digestion and promotes metabolism. Here are two of strangely effective ways to achieve eating less:

  1. Replace quantity with frequency  – every time you fill a plate just put a third back and just remind your teen that they can eat again in a couple hours .. and they should
  2. Use smaller plates and cups for dinner – It will reduce how much they eat
  3. When eating out, try to order less appetizers or share large portions with friends
  4. If unable to share your meals or order less, then just ask the waiter in the beginning to wrap up half for you


Get going and ensure your teen the healthiest lifestyle with these easy tips. Thanks to the contribution by the various parent members of the iQuriousKids team. We are committed to making sure we do everything we can to educate our community so that every kid has a healthy life and is as fit as he or she wishes to be

Do check out the various Sports classes listed on our site and if you wish to enroll your kids in ‘After school activities’ or ‘Sports activities’, then please do get in touch with us.

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