4 Smart ways to get your child’s imagination to blossom!








Our little ones are naturally very imaginative. This world is full of wonder and everywhere they go can seem magical and new. In today’s world, we need to give them enough time and space to develop their creativity

|Children with great imagination become creative adults. Creativity is not just artistic it is also about being innovative and helps good problem solvers. Basically, children with imagination that have been nurtured, will one day change the world – ‘the thought’|

We parents are the biggest influencers in our kids’ lives. So let’s take the responsibility to get our kids’ imaginations to blossom. Wondering how?





























  • Unlock Imagination Through Stories

Storytelling is known to unlock imagination. When kids listen to stories, they build a virtual world in their mind through the windows looking out into fields of  imagination.This fosters their creativity. The images in picture books can easily kickstart a child’s imagination as they put these into motion in their heads. Pure listening is also particularly valuable – totally rings a bell with the movie ‘Baby’s day out’, right?

I also like telling stories — we used to play this game as children called Chinese whispers where you build on a line to make a story and you do it while whispering into your neighbour’s ear. It’s funny where the story ends up.


  • Explore nature – let’s get more spontaneous

Guessing the shape of clouds OR smelling the flowers…how often do we do these things now a days? And when we do it’s typically to a scheduled visit to the fields of bluebonnets!  Check that box this season? Nature sure does have a lot to offer to our kids. Because children don’t have much life experience, they can’t readily see the connections that we probably had growing up.

When kids spend time in nature, it boosts their imagination, creates countless opportunities for discovery, and enhances their analytical skills. Nature inspires kids to think, question, increases their Quriosity (yes that’s how we came up with the name)  and develops a smart mind (iQ! – for iQuriousKids!). You can take your kids for monthly trips or weekend walks to help them explore the natural side of the world. There are many amazing summer camps — but this year look at the ones you can share with them perhaps?


  • Artist in you? Encourage the mess

Provide lots of art supplies and let your child use them. Let them take the lead. Paint, draw, color, make something out of playdough, the possibilities are endless. It is essential to encourage a mess and nurture imagination through painting, sculptures, drawing, etc. Through art, kids can express their emotions, ideas, and vision. Art provides a sense of freedom and builds the confidence to showcase the level of imagination from a new creation. Oh and don’t forget that with art and kids – ‘Have no rules’.


  • Be Choosy about Toys and Games

Parents should be choosy in the term of toys and games. Toys are the best way to stimulate children’s imagination A rag doll, for example, with eyes and a simple line for a mouth, tends to take on a range of expressions in a child’s mind, as opposed to a doll with a detailed face. Not only this but a collection of shells and gum nuts can also higher their imagination. These things can also be a good example to boost their imagination- I like KiwiCo.com.


Early childhood is the peak time to nurture imagination and there are many ways to soar in the world of wonder.  To find new and unique hobbies and activities go to our website www.iquriouskids.com. We are sure that you will find a lot for your precious ones. Happy Surfing! 🙂


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