6 Reasons why kids should take up wrestling as a winter sport!


“In wrestling, your kids will have many opponents but the toughest opponent they will face is themselves”.

Wrestling is a serious game. It teaches kids about athleticism and fair play, while improving their balance, agility, body positioning, body awareness, strength, flexibility, mental equation and much more. It is more like a mirror which can reflect pride and confidence but also at times fear and doubt. That being said, with the right exposure, coaching and increased self-awareness, most kids who take up wrestling eventually overcome these challenges and transform. What a confidence building activity!


The more they engage, the more they walk the path of truemanship and perfection. Wrestling has way many benefits and here are our top 5 picks:

  1. Develop strong athletic skills: Wrestling is one of those games that require a great deal of body control. It isn’t sufficient to have the capacity to run, hop, or toss. You must have the capacity to utilize your neck, your back, your arms, your legs, and everything else that you can control, to help you win a match. One of the staples of a good wrestling practice is tumbling (an acrobatic sporting discipline which combines skills of artistic gymnastics with those of trampolining, used in wrestling for warm ups). We at iQuriousKids try to see if the wrestling clubs we have listed spend a bit of each training session, particularly with our most youthful competitors, on tumbling; For us, a good warm up session means a well prepared participant.


  1. Inculcate personal responsibility: Wrestling builds personal responsibility in your kids like no other sport. They learn to win and lose but above all, they understand that the result of each game is entirely dependent on their efforts. They are the ones who are responsible for the training, balancing and coordination, proper weight gain and making a score in the game etc. It is an individual sport that presses on the idea of self-reliance, more than any other sport. It intends to push the wrestlers to the brink of their limits but also helps them push past their limitations to succeed.


  1. Develops toughness: Pain and discomfort are two things, from which kids run away. But in wrestling, it is the real challenge when you have to push your body and mind beyond your limits to overcome the fears. The nature of the sport is intense and one has to be prepared for anything in every aspect. Kids need be aware that once they step on the mat, its unquestionably a serious business. Win or no win, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the need to have mental and physical toughness to overcome failure  – a good lesson early in life.


  1. Learn about nutrition and weight maintenance: One of the hardest parts in wrestling is weight management + nutritional balance. A wrestler should be aware of the nutritional choices he/she has to make in order to maintain the required weight balance. They need to intake the proper diet and follow a routine to be a successful wrestler. They have to learn how to say no to the sugary stuff and say yes to healthy and nutritious food. The better they eat, the more energy they produce, and the better they perform.


  1. Everyone gets a chance in Wrestling: Unlike team sports like football and lacrosse, there is no riding the bench. You are not left out, or standby / replacement; No favouritism or politics, whatsoever. Every wrestler gets a chance to participate and compete with his opponents equally and rationally.


  1. Help develop a discipline: One of our most favorite quotes is by Bruce Lee, who wasn’t a wrestler, but it fairly explains the disciplinary approach of wrestling.

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

This quote applies well to wrestling because wrestlers who specializes in a lot of moves, may not be the master of all; But the wrestler that can discipline himself to focus on one single technique and master it, gives himself a great opportunity to win.


Unquestionably Wrestling is a demanding sport and takes a toll on the body and mind; But our firm belief is that the outcomes are life changing for all. The lessons your kids learn aren’t just limited to the mat area, but are influential enough in the real life too. There was an article published by Forbes, in which they very coherently explained ‘Why wrestlers make good employees’. –


And yes of course, success doesn’t happen overnight and proper coaching is essential. Which is why, iQuriousKids has the best  classes and camps which offer Wrestling classes for kids of all ages. With the finest coaches on board, we create the best wrestlers out of your kids. So, do not wait. Get in touch with us for enrolling your kiddos in the best wrestling classes today.


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