6 Benefits of Aerobics for kids







Aerobics is a great way to have fun, get your blood pumping and whip your body in shape. In this fast-paced world, parents are looking for the activities which help their kids mentally and physically to achieve greater things in the long run. But often times, there are also some concerns regarding kids’ eating habits or witnessing signs of fatigue and low activity. Well, if this is your concern too, then you have surely landed on the right website.  

Did you know that all of this can be easily treated with ‘Just a few routine jumps, dancing to your favourite songs and other physical-happy-go movements’? Yes, with Aerobics all of this is possible and it is a sure shot mood booster which can keep kids active and flexible. It is like a trick that works because it inspires them to get involved in activities that they do not find boring at all!

Interesting, right? Well, then read ahead…









Aerobics strengthen muscles and  improves postures in kids. By engaging in physical movements one can increase blood and nutrient supply to the tissues. Apart from this, these activities are ideal to burn more calories in children and help lose the excess weight. Therefore, in the long run they can stay away from the ailments triggered by excess weight. Yay to increased flexibility!


Healthy heart and lungs







With aerobics, your heart rate increases, thus more blood is pumped to your heart. This increases the amount of oxygen supplied to the heart and the lungs, while improving your kid’s breathing efficiency. Easy breathing and efficient heart performance clearly means a healthy life.


Strong muscles and bones







Aerobics strengthens the muscles and bones due to constant body movements. For parents who are concerned about the development of brittle bone related ailments in the long run for their kids, aerobics is surely the answer. With increased bone strength, healthy bone density and muscular fitness & constant improvements; Your child will have significant benefits to tackle hereditary ailments








When the body releases toxins through sweat, tears, and urine, it results in boosting energy, cleansing the liver and improving skin health. All of this is only possible if your kids take regular part in physical activities like Aerobics for balanced physical exertion.

Social skill








Just a sigh of relief for all the parents whose little ones are shy or introverted. With collective groups classes, Aerobics offers just the right type of social environment for the kids to open up to each other and share things, feelings, opinions etc.‘Increased social interaction + balanced communication’  can often help long term happiness. Making friends,  belonging to groups, and interaction, all adds to improved quality of life and increased levels of the “happy” hormones.









We all know that encouragement from peers, family and teachers leads to a boost of confidence in kids and adults alike. When kids perform aerobics or other related activities, it uplifts their sport-spirit internally while enhancing self-esteem.. Poise and the sweat – an excellent combination for sure.


Interestingly, we also have an anecdote to share which supports this point:

“Recently we came across a youtube video of a little japanese boy who was unable to jump over piled up mattresses (a common school activity in Japan). He tried and tried, but failed.

After a few attempts, his class made sure that he did it correctly. So, they encouraged him, cheered loudly, while adding to his confidence and self esteem. And boy, the little guy surely looked happy and confident after all that praise and love.

Guessing what happened afterwards? Well, right in the next attempt, he did it and made it!

Isn’t it great when friends help each other overcome the smallest obstacles which seem so hard to us. And this is the kind of spirit we are talking about in our aerobics classes too.


(Due to copyright issues, we couldn’t attach the video here, but make sure to check it out on youtube and share what your feelings after watching it with us. Till then, happy surfing :))

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