Toddler Quiet Time Activities

There isn’t a single parent on this planet, who doesn’t need some quiet time and some time off from their responsibilities; Being a parent, having a job; being a son or daughter or a good friend, can all take a toll and there are times when we all have a dire need for silence  – a sort of self promoted time out!

However, “Silence” and “Toddlers” don’t really get along well though, do they? They are like poles that never meet.  And oftentimes this makes us adults  behave like cranky kids ourselves!

No one wants to get upset at their little ones especially when they are  just being themselves & I personally would never want to yell at my kid for just being who she is. Which is why, I prefer to indulge her in ‘Quiet time activities’ that calm her and gives me some time off too. Here are some easy to do, hands-on and really fun activities to check out ;


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