Yell, Scream and Resist: A modern day parents struggle to put their child to sleep!

Think for a minute….

When was the last time you spent quality time with your spouse or had some ‘me’ time after putting your toddlers to sleep…and they really slept (by really, we mean REALLY!)

Can’t recall, right? We can’t either.


Parenting is good but the chaos that comes with it, is a bit bothering. With the constant nagging and ‘I don’t wanna sleep or I wanna watch TV’… toddlers have got all the skills necessary to set bedtime back by at least an hour each night. And not to mention, things don’t stay under control as we thought of.


By the time a baby becomes a toddler, they need 10 to 14 hours of sleep each day. A sleep plan provides a family with structure, ensuring that a child gets enough rest and allowing parents to plan their days; But building it with a finesse is the real deal. So, if you are wondering how to  get kids to bed without the cries and screams, then here are some tried and tested tips for a peaceful sleep routine :


  1. Give Choices

This sleep battle is all about control. Most of the little ones have a strong sense of self, but aren’t yet independent enough to take control of all areas of their life….(pretty much an outline of what our toddles do throughout the day).

Toddlers tend to contradict whatever the parents say, mainly because it’s fun for them. This can be very frustrating as a parent, but can be dealt in a sassy way. ‘Give your kids choices’ – Choices for the bedtime story, which pajamas do they wanna wear or even the opportunity to sleep in their favorite area of the house. Consistently providing your child choices like these in little yet meaningful ways (for them) can really make a big difference + it would make them think that things are working their way only.


  1. Be Present for your Toddler:

Have you spent enough time with your little one during the day? Toddlers crave our attention because all they have is ‘us’ as compared to the tons of things we are occupied with. My niece used to get cranky during sleep time as a toddler because she needed her mama to put her to bed, and not me. The fact that my sister didn’t spend time with her throughout the day made her even more crankier and gave the opportunity to delay sleep time. So, if you are not able to put your toddler to the bed at night, then make sure to spend at least an hour or so with all the attention dedicated to them; If you are able to put them to bed at night, then spend 15-20 mins of quality time by reading stories or playing with each other..times like these are just so precious, so make sure to click a few pictures for lasting memories and share with us too.


  1. Eat Well to Sleep Well:

Foods can affect energy level and sleepiness. What your toddlers eat throughout the day can affect how they sleep at night. Just as certain foods will help to prepare your little ones for sleep, there are others that will interfere as well. Foods which have ample of Sugar and Caffeine should be avoided adding to the toddler’s diet. In case of intolerant sleep patterns, you can consider doing an elimination diet whereby these type of foods are all removed from the diet for a specific period to see if any improvements are noted; Later to determine which food is the culprit, each can be added back into the diet, one by one, every week and the parents should make notes of what’s causing the real problem.


  1. Create a Cosy Environment:

Favorite stuff toy or a comfy blankie are the most important possessions of a toddler…and most of them rely on these for a good sleep too. Remember, there was a scene in TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. , when the little toddler Emma needed ‘Hugsy’ (stuffed penguin) to sleep off peacefully as it reminded her of her uncle Joey. Similarly, most of the times, these stuff toys remind toddlers of their parents or act as a comforting sign due to the similar smell or touch. So, if they feel cosy around these things, then whenever it’s bedtime, make sure to have them around your kid’s bed to help them have a peaceful sleep.


As parents, even we know what struggle it is to have cranky toddlers wrecking their routines. Which is why, we compiled these tips for your ease to help your toddlers develop into beautiful beings. Make sure to use these tips and we are pretty sure that your kid won’t happen to skip or delay the nap time anymore. Also, do not forget to share your experience with iQuriousKids, as we are constantly geared towards providing your kids with the best developmental activities in Houston. Now, night night!! 🙂


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