5 Spring Break Staycation Ideas to Enjoy with Kids






For many, Spring Break brings images of kids playing on the beach somewhere or hiking on the hills. But what if Spring could be much more than this and you could enjoy by staying at  home itself!

Check out these fun, awesome, and low budget Spring break Staycation ideas to enjoy with your kids:

  1. Backyard Camping







Set up tents in the patio or have a backyard camping trip! Pack  your sleeping bags, comfy pillows, start up the flame broil. Get several electric lamps and garden seats. Try not to give anybody a chance to go back into the house – except potty time  obviously! Furthermore, leave your PCs, mobile phones and other gadgets behind – enjoy nature.
For supper, have a picnic on the flame broil, and keep in mind the s’mores for dessert. When night sets in, arrange a few games with the children. Try telling ghost stories, interesting things that happened to you  a while ago and even play table games by candlelight. Be inventive, Welcome your kids’ friends or your neighbors and their children over to camp too. The more, the merrier.

Only watch out is perhaps allergies! But you can check out the allergy count on this neat website https://www.pollen.com/

Or  use Nasacort;  Flonase or child Benadryl, claritin or Zyrtec if works!


  1. Video Games Night







 In the event that the climate makes it difficult to get outside and you have a game system, have your kids’ friends over for a ‘Game night’. Choose computer games that are short and quick. Make it significantly more fun by setting up “filling stations” with sports drinks, protein bars and some junk food 🙂 , so everybody feels like a competitor! And if you  plan ahead of time, you can set up competitions and give out prizes or trophies to the winner. In the event that you have a crowd, you can even split everybody into groups and wear matching t-shirts to team up in earnest.


  1. Scavenger Hunt







Whether you have one child or a large group, it’s an easy way to add fun to an ordinary day and beat the boredom blues. Scavenger hunts are lots of fun and bring out everyone’s competitive side  You can print out various clues, set up the game arena, maps and treats. To add more fun, make the clues in the form of riddles or ballads.


  1. Farmer’s market day

Trek to your neighbourhood Farmer’s market and have the children help select the day’s menu and ingredients. They’ll adore picking the brilliantly shaded leafy foods and may eat them too. When you return home, they can be your sous culinary experts in the kitchen and help you to make a meal


  1. Tourist day







There are always a few undiscovered yet interesting spots in our own cities. So, play the role, get your kid to be the tourist guide and you become the tourist in the city. Have your kid go online and look for fun activities, interesting museums or various other things to do in the town you have not explored before. For example have you been to these graffiti streets in Houston? https://www.thecitywithnolimits.com/15houstonwallsyougottasee/


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