Want a poetic kid? Here’s what you got to do to make your kids love poems.






Looking for fun ways to explore the art of poetry and use it to support language learning? Try these 3 simple and fun poetry games for kids –


  1. Sixty Seconds

Play a rapid fire game to encourage kids to list rhymes in a  minute – make teams teams and provide them the required supplies like colors, paper and pencil.

Twist time: Choose a random word that can be used by  kids in a simple rhyme – Be it road, bird, mat, tie and such. Tell the teams the word and give them 60 seconds to list as many words that rhyme with your prompt word as they can. When the round ends, award one point each to the unique words and in the event that both teams have the same rhyme or word, then they don’t get a point .


  1. Poem or prank?

Split the content of the game into two categories – One would be the title of the real poems and the other one can be ‘made-up-prank title’, which is funny and amusing. Ask your kids to figure out, which of the titles are real poems and which ones are pranks.

To double the fun, you can join the game by reading out the titles to them and the participants with the most points gets to choose the favourite poem OR the poem of the day.


  1. Dramatise it  

Kids love being silly and are always in the mood for fun. So, look for the funniest rhyming poems or rhyming couplets, and have your kids dramatise them. Some of the best ones are – Snowball By Shel Silverstein, Today the teacher farted by Emma Briody, The life of a cupcake by Shelby Greer – FUNNY TITLES, RIGHT? Oh & do not forget to record these little happy moments which you will cherish for the whole life. Let’s make this spring break fun together!


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