Museum trips in Houston: 5 Must visit for the kids






Gaining knowledge should not be limited to the classrooms – We can always extend it through experiences such as fun trips to Museums . Evidence from various studies show that a single field trip can increase a child’s ability to think critically about art, history, as well as their ability to appreciate and understand what life was like for people from other time periods. Isn’t it interesting how just a few sculptures, old marine ships, artefacts etc., can  rev up your toddler’s mood and really get them to think about such stuff!!!

Well, there’s always more to it as you discover the most magnificent museums in Houston for kids:



  • Children’s Museum of Houston  is all-new and now twice as large! Appraised as the No. 1 children’s historical center in the U.S., it is worth the time and effort for every family. The Museum is filled with 90,000 square feet of imaginative, intelligent bilingual exhibits for kids, aged toddlers to 12 years, housed in an eccentric Robert Venturi-composed building. The museum offers opportunities for all to play and engage in discovery within a safe and nurturing environment; To be honest, this is must visit for all!



Perks: Free Family Nights are offered each Thursday from 5 to 8 PM



  • The Woodlands Children’s Museum



Now is the chance for you and your children to pick up a wonderful affair to find and see things up close – Masks from around the globe, play distinctive melodic instruments from Africa, touch ornaments or artifacts from various cultures and figure out how unique kinds of containers are used around the globe – Yes, this is all what you get to do here. It is a great mixture of fun, creativity, historic elements and intuitive play.


The museum events are intended to compliment Texas scholarly guidelines. Through the programs that are offered through the Outreach Department, they bolster 21st century abilities of basic reasoning, innovation, coordinated effort and social impact. Moreover, all projects incorporate a “make and take” process oriented project that broadens the learning abilities of the kids.



  • The Houston Maritime Museum:



The Houston Maritime Museum is a 501(c)(3) non-benefit association teaching the community on sea history and maritime industry. For the kids, who are into world history, American history, military history, cruising, exploring, yachting, model building, etc.,, this place is worth the visit. You will be amazed at first to see how big of a museum can fit in such a place. Oh and don’t forget to checkout the ships in the bottles – Some more magnificent stuff, you know.


  • The Health Museum:


Here, the life structures and physiology really come to life! The Health Museum takes kids on an intuitive, engaging yet an awesome journey of exploration through the human body, giving them a chance to recognize their identity, see their inner organs, and anticipate how they will look like in 30 years and substantially more.


  • Museum of Fine Arts Houston (MFAH):


The universe of art really lies here at MFAH with energizing week after week family programs – including Creation Station, Family Packs, Target Free First Sundays, Story Time and Family Tours- – suited particularly for children and grown-ups to discover the true beauty of art and craftsmanship together.


Visit these awesome museums and share your valuable experiences with us. Some of you may feel that it can be challenging to bring young children to a museum as they have short attention spans, inability to read, and no prior knowledge of the subject…but then you have got to start from somewhere, you know. It’s really the young age when the moulding works well for them. Come on, now go ahead and explore the world of museums out there. P.S. you can write to us about your experience too.


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