Teaching your kids good habits: Health, Hygiene and Routine

A child’s mind is a sponge; It soaks in whatever it sees, hears or experiences.

In the early years of a child’s development, our responsibilities double with regards to imparting wisdom and inculcating good habits. We endeavor to improve this by seeking help from various apps, learning essentials, and using instructions from fellow parents; But what most people need to know, is the golden rule, “CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME’’. You can send them to lavish schools, grooming centres and have many choices to spend your money but around 80% of their personality is shaped because of the home environment. If you tend to make things easy yet disciplinary at home, then you will be helping their personality development in the most effective way. Let’s start with the most important topics-

Eating Habits

Our everyday lives can get really occupied, and the one zone that usually gets affected is our dietary patterns or the eating habits. Now a days  we are all excessively occupied, making it very difficult to take sit together for breakfast, let alone have time to cook supper at home The inclination to do  take out and ready-to-eat foods is high. ow can we then nudge our kids to adhere to a good diet –something that is particularly critical for their solid development.

Making healthy dinners and sticking to schedule for supper and snacks will help your children remain in better shapes. Meticulousness is something that numerous guardians battle with their children, yet having set time and desires for dinner and bite times can help battle this. So, for eg. “For times that your kids can’t be home for a supper, pack some dinner that will help keep meal times on track”. This approach not only saves you from choosing takeout and spending $$, but also keeps check on your approach towards healthy eating.

Exercise Habits

Usually moms around the world refer to their ‘hooked to technology’ kids as couch potatoes  – All this is due to the sedentary time that they spend in the house because of technology. Be it phones, TV, tablets, computers etc., we use technology as a substitute to create diversions. At the point when a child cries, as a quick reflex we give them a mobile, play funny videos, songs, cartoons and what not! Is that really a choice to make? Can’t we take them for a walk to the park or something? Compared to the screen time, many of you will definitely agree that a stroll in the park and connecting with nature will have more weightage in terms of development.

Going for every day family strolls is an incredible way for you and your children to make light exercise a habit. You can likewise enlist your children in group activities, which won’t just enable them to enjoy it,  but also help with mental advancement. Not to mention, but daily exercise assists with their balance and coordination, bone quality, and their cardiovascular system.


Dental Habits

Motivating children to brush their teeth twice  a day, can be a battle.Even though they are simply going to lose those teeth, you have to underline the significance of dental cleanliness. You can get your children amped up to brush their teeth by doing things like giving them a chance to pick out their own toothpaste and toothbrush, playing fun music while brushing, and rewarding them for each time they brush with a sticker diagram

Alongside getting your children in the habit for brushing their teeth each morning and night, make them comfortable with the dental clinic too. Heading off to the dental practitioner can be a startling experience for youngsters, yet staying away from checkups is the exact opposite thing you need to do.

  • To help plan kids for their first dental appointment, you can show them a fun video disclosing what will happen and what the distinctive instruments do. Have their dental practitioner emphasize on these things, and it should help ease out their nervousness about dental checkups.


Every day Hygiene Habits

It’s an unavoidable truth that children get filthy whenever they indulge in some sort of play, particularly their hands. With no understanding of what can make them debilitated, children will happily play in the sand, move on the floor, and after that eat food without even washing or cleaning up. While some germ introduction is useful for building  a solid immune system, there are a few lines to be drawn — especially with influenza season.

Putting your kids into the habit of cleaning up quite often will be your best protection with regards to disease – But yes, make sure to not overemphasize and turn them into OCD freaks for cleanliness.

  1. Just make sure your children are continually washing their hands before they eat, and show them the best possible approach to cleaning up.
  2. Always wash hands with soap and clean water before touching or handling food. It is even more important to wash hands before eating if they have been to the toilet or were playing outside.
  3. Clean hands thoroughly so that there are no traces of soap left. Use fresh water to clear the soap completely.
  4. Wash your hands after finishing your meals.
  5. Always use a clean cloth to wipe your hands and mouth.
  6. Take a shower regularly. One of the simplest ways to keep your skin clean and healthy is to bathe regularly. Teach your kids to take a shower twice a day — before they head out to school and before they go to sleep. It also helps with a sound sleep


Hope these tips help you  shape your kid’s habits in the best possible ways. Let us know if you have anything to contribute; Also, if you are looking for any after school kids activities in Houston, then get in touch with us at +1 346 217 1345. Cheers!


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