5 Ways to help your kids overcome fear!






As guardians, our most prominent vision is to help our kids have the positive feeling of self with enough fearlessness to explore life and face difficulties. It is very important for them to know that ‘There are, there were and there always will be things that create fear in us. Plunging deep into the root cause and diminishing it, is the only choice we all have! They can’t just succumb to fear and believe in something, which is partly an illusion’.

Everyone, from the youngest child to the oldest adult, experiences anxieties and fears at one time or another. Hence, one of the best foundational block you can provide for your kids are the skills and tactics to manage their feelings of fear and accomplish more in their lives.


Know this:

  1. Fear is natural

First thing first: Having fears is very common and typical – Something the whole human race is conditioned to.

By helping your kid recognize that we all have fears inside ourselves, we can help take away the “startling” contemplations that keep them from tending to what they fear. They end up establishing a mindset that they don’t have anything to be embarrassed about, when they understand everybody has fears; Be it our folks, partners, peers or anyone around us, have open communication whereby you can impart some of your own feelings of trepidation to them & show them how typical it really is.


  1. See the fear

It is critical to know which fears are restricting our kids in their lives. In the event that they don’t have the foggiest idea about the fear, it stays covered up and can’t be managed suitably. Help them to draw out and  identify and articulate any fear that they may or may not recognise. Sometimes it manifests itself as, feeling stuck; restless or overpowered and shielding them from being upbeat and/or tranquil.



  1.  Motivation is a sure shot way to defeat fear

Easier said than done; Well, may be at times people fail at beating their fears and get overpowered, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of it. When you know what’s scaring you, you have the grip to make the move. Defeating fear requires energy and expects us to draw on our inner strength. For this – inspiration, motivation and compassion are the key factors.

Come what may! Enable your kids to associate with a feeling of inner peace, enthusiasm and faith throughout their life to conquer whatever impediments may lie in their way Inspire kids to close their eyes and put their creative ability to imagine their fantasies, compose or draw them out and think of an activity or a story (perhaps from your life) to make them  believe in themselves and not their fear.  


  1. Offer love, care and support

Fear takes up no space in the heart when it is filled with love, faith and peace.

Make a space and condition at home for kids where they can feel sheltered, cherished and serene. Shouting and yelling in the house is exceptionally agitating for kids, so try to keep a cheerful and fun tone in the house. Kids are more insightful than we assume They regularly mold themselves more on how they see grown-ups carrying on, than what we instruct them to do. Live by the ways you need your kids to be on the planet. Remember: Boost their self esteem and empathy for themselves as well as other people.


  1. Meditate

Having the mind practice peace and calming activities, is basic for physical wellbeing and mental prosperity. Meditation has now turned into an ordinary practice in schools and homes because of the positive influence it makes.

There are numerous approaches to practice it and when adapted at an early stage as kids, it acts as compass which directs them to activities and decisions, which lead them to more noteworthy peace and bliss throughout everyday life, free from fear.

One of the most noteworthy take we found quoted on  http://www.dealingwithfear.org/overcoming-fear.htm/ is:

“We can try this following simple visualization to let go of fear and anxiety. Sitting in a comfortable position for meditation, with a straight back, we close our eyes and breathe naturally through our nose. Then we spend a little time identifying what it is we are currently afraid of. We identify our deluded, unhealthy fears, such as the fear of dying, the fear of loss, the fear of failure, and so forth. Using our wisdom, we understand that all these fears, and all dangers, arise because of our deluded minds and negative actions. We then visualize these fears together with their actual causes (negative minds and actions) in the form of dense thick smoke, and we breathe it out. This smoke leaves our nostrils and disappears to the furthest reaches of space, where it completely disappears, never to return. As we inhale, we imagine we are breathing in all the pure, inspiring energy and fearlessness of all holy beings in the form of blissful white light, which fills our body and mind. After meditating like this for a while, we feel that our body and mind are now completely pure and that we have received the blessings and protection of all holy beings. Our body feels light and supple, and our mind is clear, peaceful, and fearless.”


Fear is just a vicious state of mind. For kids who want to conquer major things in the life, should never fear any limitations. Until you take a closer look, sooner or later you will realise ‘FEAR IS JUST AN ILLUSION”. Cheers! Have  a fearless and a Qurious day! Also, you can make them join our yoga programs to add more to their relaxation –   Yoga West, Namaste Yoga, or Moksha Wellness Yoga etc.


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