Ways to make sports fun for your kids

Most mums would agree that raising a sporty kid is not an easy job. With so many ups and downs in the field, our kids develop mental endurance with a mixed blend of emotions like self-doubt, self esteem, overconfidence, anger, thrill, over excitement etc.

Phewww!! We know that it’s a lot to take in…

As parents wes are always on the go to make things more fun and better to help our kids seek endless benefits. Asa parents to parents blog, we also have a few tips for you to use in order to make sports more fun endeavor


  • Be upbeat and excited about almost everything that happens in your kid’s sport class.
  • Consistently acknowledge accomplishments, skill improvement, efforts, and good teamwork, regardless of how little things are. For example, “I love how smooth you’re getting in the game.” or “Way to go, kiddo! You put in a lot of effort today.” or “It’s great to hear you cheering your teammates. Observation is a great learning tool; you will surely become a great leader!”
  • Look for opportunities to keep things in perspective. For example, if your child complains about losing a game, you might say, “Hey, I know that you feel sad about losing the game, but then you tried your best. And hey, everybody loses sometime – I also did at times and still do. Remember, the important thing is to do your best and have fun.”
  • Ask your child, “Did you have fun?” Hopefully, the answer will be “yes,” and you’ll see evidence of the joy of playing.
  • Watch their favourite sports shows and take interest in them. Oh and don’t forget to cheer for their favourite team; Update them with sport information   and tips to keep them ahead in the game.
  • Ensure that your kids have plenty of time to take rest and manage their schedules. Busy academic schedules can take up a lot of time, hence try to maintain a proper balance between both.


Hope these tips help you to add more fun to your little sportsman’s game. Also, if you are looking forward to enroll them in the finest sports classes in Houston, then get in touch with us at iQuriousKids.com

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